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At the ER with my 3 year old and PRAYING my baby is okay! UPDATE 1/6
by Anonymous
January 4, 2013 at 11:09 PM


I took my 3 girls to open swim at the middle school tonight. We were getting ready to leave and 3 year old climbed up to the too of the bleachers. I was handling my middle DD her coat when I saw her at the top. I said "Oh No, Molly! " I started walking toward her to get her, and before I could. She stood up tried to take a step, tripped, and feel head first off the bleachers.

I picked her up, she was uncontious and then woke up crying. 1 minute later her nose started bleeding not stop. Then she puked. So now we are at the ER waiting for the doctor to see her. I am a basketcase! Poor thing!!!!!

Please pray for my baby girl!!


So sorry I have not been anble to update yet. It has been a hell of a couple days. And I am sorry if there are a lot of typos. I am beyond exhausted.

1st off, we were in the ER waiting room from 9;00 PM to 6:00 AM before being called in. That's right, 9 hours!!!!! I was beyond pissed. I was bugging them and pitching a fit every 1/2 hour to no avail from midnight was awful. I even called my doc office in there and he said to stick it out cus with a head injury if I left it could be considered neglect ! WTF??? Guess the ER can be neglectful not seeing her, but we leaving would be neglectful. Molly slept in my arms while I dozed a bit in the horrid uncomfortable unpadded chairs. I sat there most of the night in tears or stressed out to the max.

When we finally saw the ER doc he was pissed that we had waiting that long, and had me file a formal complaint before we left. But, he checked her out, did a CT scan and ultrasound of her bump. Turned out she has a very large hematoma (blot clot under the skin, a severe head injury and a bad concussion. They sent us home and we were told to observe her and make her stay still because if she ruptured the hematoma it could cause her to need a surgery to remove it. When we left she still had some slurred speech, and her head was hurting. But they said that was Normal and to call her doc if anything got worse or any new symptoms showed up.

Yesterday was a blur. I came home feeling like a zombie from lack of sleep and from the stress. My awesome DH sent me to bed even though he had to work playing into late into the night with his band.

I slept all day till 5:00 when he had to leave.

Molly was okay to start my evening with her. I actually started writing an update here when the 3 kids were watching a movie quietly. Then before I finished she was crying her head hurt and was gonna puke. She never puked but was acting confused and her speech was worse. I called my doc and he said it was from the concussion and Probally worse now cus she was tired. He said to watch her and wake her a few times during the night to check in her and to call in the AM if she was still having the symptoms. I took her to bed with me last night and basically did not sleep mylself tossing turning worrying about her.

This morning Molly woke up looking so much better. Then by 10:00 her speech was slurred again, she was saying weird random statements and she was off balance and complaining about her head and belly. So I called the doc them took her to walk in clinic. They said they think this is all from the concussion and elwill go away. And sadly the only way to do another CT is to send her to the ER. Which is NOT happening. They did an ultra sound of the spot and the hematoma has not spread. They called and scheduled a CT scan for tomorrow AM and I am seeing my doc 1st thing in the morning and if she is better and does not need the scan he will cancel it. But we will Probally do it to be sure all is good.

I can not believe I got through this update, my brain is shot. I am a wreck. I am sure she is gonna be fine, but the stress of the "what ifs" is killing me.

Molly just went down for nap and is laying beside me in my bed, and FIL is taking my other 2 out for ice cream so I am going to eat and maybe nap too. So if I do not respond to any posts that is why.

And BTW- for those bashing me for not watching her well enough to avoid this. Believe me I pissed at myself, but, this being my 3rd kid I know I can only do so much and these things happen. I had 3 kids out byysrlf and one has autism and is hard to keep reins on. So, I was doing my best. My middle had started to climb up the bleachers 5 minutes earlier and took her down and said no. Then after I got molly's coat was on and we were ready to go, I turned to give my middle DD her coat and that is when Molly climbed up. I saw her, said. "No, Molly" then she stood up tried to take a step and boom! I feel terrible, but that is why they are called accidents and Molly is a big climber.

And also for those bashing me about being on CM instead of caring for Molly, I did not post till after we had been there a while, I was bored out of my mind and stressed and Molly was sitting with my dad (her papa) watching Spongebob on his kindle. Then later when I replied she was sleeping on my lap while I was on CM cus I could not sleep and was stressed.

Judge all you want but i come here to this site toto give and get support with other moms and that is what I was coming here for.and the big amount of prayers from tge great mommies here in is so important too.

Do, anyway. I feel like I have been run over by a tractor and am exhausted. It has been such a rollercoaster ride and continues to be. I can not wait for it to be all over and hopefully Molly to be 100% fine.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, to all the great moms on here and your wonderful support and prayers!!! :-)


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