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My 6 year old was asked to strip down to his underwear for his physical and he started freaking out and sobbing. UPATE, OMG it gets better
by Anonymous
December 11, 2012 at 7:11 PM

 The nurse said as she left the room, "strip down to your undewear" He looked stricken and started crying. I was dumbfounded. For five minutes I tried to calm him down and figure out what was wrong. He said, "I need to go home for something." I said, "no, we are forty miles from home and the doctor will be in in a minute." I wrapped my sweatshirt around him, pulled his shirt off, and went to pull down his pants.

Eureka, I discovered the problem. He forgot to put on underwear. He was embarrassed. I almost cracked up. I was relieved that that was the problem. It panicked me a bit that he was so distraught about getting undressed.

I whispered to his doctor when he came in, "he is upset, he forgot to put on his underwear." The doctor smirked and said, "going commando huh?" He laughed and examined him with his pants on.


Today I was washing the bathroom floor and noticed a pair of his underwear behind our big stand up mirror in the bathroom. I pulled it away from the wall and found eight pairs of underwear!  I was wondering where all his underwear had gone to. He has been going into the bathroom to get dressed every morning, telling nobody to come in, and ditching his underwear behind the mirror. LMAO I was wondering why he suddenly started being so modest. Apparently the commando style is at least eight days old.


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