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Nobody told me i could do both! *edit to answer questions*
December 3, 2012 at 8:18 AM
Nobody told me i could breastfeed and formula feed. I stoppped breastfeeding my first dd when she was two months old because i couldnt pump. I never got a break and she was ALWAYS hungry. I thought i was just not producing enough milk.

But with this baby it is soooo much easier formula feeding and breastfeeding. I didnt add the formula until she was two weeks old, but it is sooo much easier. I do not pump, she gets about two bottles of formula a day and i strictly breastfeed at night (its easier then getting up and making the bottle, lol). I get my break, my boobs arnt near as sore, and others get to feed her as well. Im not shy about feeding her in public, but its easier being able to give her a bottle when we r out and about. She does pretty good with it, sometimes she will prefer a bottle over the boob or the other way around. I think i will be able to breastfeed her until she is at least one, or bites my boob, lol.

I wish i knew then what i know now.... my second child is sooo much easier than my first and thats with a two year old running around. Its amazing the little tricks you learn that nobody tells you, like they actually make a little swaddle blanket. Im sure they had them two years ago, but i always tried to use a regular baby blanket and she would wiggle her way out of it. With this one they gave me one at the hospital and mil bought us one the day we brought her home.
Also, i learned that if you hold a baby nonstop, they always want to be held. I learned my lesson with my first. I get more done now with two kids then i did back then with one baby.

Any one else learn anything from experience? Please share, my kids r still teaching me everyday. Lol.

wow, this post went a total diff direction than i was hoping, i was hoping people would be giving advice on things they learned, not bashing me, but whatever...

I do hold my baby a lot, just note nonstop like with my first. If she falls asleep i put her down, with my first i would hold her if she fell asleep.

I have a bf consultant come to my house for the first six weeks. She was awesome and was actually the one who told me it wont hurt to give her a bottle or two a day because she seen how hard it was for me to pump, i can get about four ounces in twenty min, but i have to squeeze my boobs to do this, and thats with two diff pumps. She realized i was getting depressed and was really hard on myself.

My supply is still really good, just this morning my baby was acting funny whle bf and i took my boob out and it was just squirting everywhere and was too much at one time for her. My supply is good and if two bottles a day starts to make me dry up, i will go to one a day. But its been a few weeks and its fine.

I use the nuk breastfeeding nipples and bottles, its shaped like the end of a boob and the nipple looks like mine with the hole on top instead of on the end like normal bottle. Damn things cost $10 for three bottle and that was on sale.

I am feeding my kid and she is happy, i hold her a lot, just not nonstop. I have things i need to do. If your milk dried up im sorry, but everyones body is different, im still going strong. I am still mainy breastfeeding, so its really not necessary to bash. She eats every two hours, thats during the day and night, so i relly dont think two bottles matters. And even the bf consultant told me its healthier for me and baby to do both rather than just bf and me get post partum depression from being overwhelmed. She said i was starting to show the signs.

So to those who didnt bash, the rest, why bother even commenting????? This post was to tell what u learned, not to bash me on what i feed my kid, or because i put her down instead of never putting her down and wearing a sling while i clean toilets and do the dishes.....


  • Anonymous 42
    by Anonymous 42
    December 21, 2012 at 10:04 PM
    Macen is such a great name/spelling.

    Quoting Anonymous:

    And it does. Every LC I've ever met is strongly against doing both. It's pointless.

    Quoting MacensMommy228:

    Ur supply can suffer.

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