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Please try to have a presentable bathroom. A vent.
December 1, 2012 at 11:03 AM
I stay for a day or two with my parents so the baby can see her grandparents and my SO can rest up for hectic weekends at work. I have two sisters who live at home, ages 25 and 13. There's a guest bedroom upstairs where I sleep and after the baby's fed in the morning, I'll use the shower across the hall. As great as a morning shower is, the bathroom is atrocious.

There are clothes all over the floor. It wouldn't bother me if it was one change of clothes (older sister works nights and showers when she comes home in the morning) but we're talking about a week's worth. The towels aren't put back on the drying hooks and are usually piled in with the clothes. All of this gives off a foul odor. The worst part is getting into the shower. There's ALWAYS a huge clump of hair sitting on the faucet. There's always some in the drain and when I go to pull it out, there's a huge trail of hair coming out. It's gross but I won't shower knowing it's there. All of this hasn't been happening for the past couple of weeks since my daughter has been born. It's been an ongoing thing.

Before your panties are bunched, I have taken down the clothes into our laundry room to be washed and have even started washing them when mom isn't home. When she does see me do this, she tells me to take it back up and she'll have my sisters bring it down. Yeah, they don't. I'm almost tempted to clean the entire bathroom because they're told to do it a number of times when we visit and it isn't done.

That's about it for my vent. I only hope you all have cleaner bathrooms than the one I use.


  • finnbar
    by finnbar
    December 1, 2012 at 1:12 PM

    ew! that's gross. I vacuum our bathrooms twice a week, inside the tub and sink and all over the counters, just to make sure there is no hair.  I get embarrassed if people come over and there is even a little trash in the can! The only thing on the floor is a rug that I swap out several times a week.  We only use hand towels for a couple days, washcloths once and towels MAYBE twice. 

    Ok, so I have issues. sue me!

  • SRUsarahSC
    December 1, 2012 at 1:14 PM

    I used to clean the bathroom at a former friends apt. because it was too filthy for me to feel comfortable using.

  • Newbi3742
    December 1, 2012 at 1:15 PM
    I'll admit my bathroom gets a little grungy and our toilet water leaves icky black deposits, but I try to make sure I clean before we have company over.
  • opal10161973
    December 1, 2012 at 1:21 PM

    OMG.  I went out with my friend one night and she agreed to be the DD.  I got pretty smashed and ended up sleeping on her couch, but we knew that I was going to stay over before we went out.  I wake up, run for the bathroom to vomit and there is a thick, nasty BLACK ring in the toilet.  If I wasn't already vomiting, that would have made me want to.  I remember saying, "This toilet is so nasty, I don't think I can vomit in it anymore."  LOL  Then, I grabbed the trash can.  It was gross, but it didn't have a ring around it thankfully.  I never stayed at her house again. 

  • MotherOF5Cuties
    December 1, 2012 at 1:22 PM
    I think your bathroom and kitchen should always be clean no matter what
  • Emilytrademark
    December 1, 2012 at 1:42 PM

    Ew :-/ we aren't the cleanest people but we do clean up the guest-accessible areas of the house when we are expecting friends/family/company. We move all the drain hair and stinky clothes to our master bath ;)

  • Anonymous 10
    by Anonymous 10
    December 1, 2012 at 1:56 PM

    Cant you stay at home with your husband? He signed up to be a father too. That is BULLSHIT. You are married with a child and you have to go stay at mommy and daddy's house? WTF is wrong with you. Put on your big girl panties and grab your husband by the balls and both of you grow up. It isnt your house. YOU DONT HAVE TO GO OVER!

  • Sj218
    by Sj218
    December 1, 2012 at 2:08 PM
    So I guess I should wash the pee off the wall and toilet base before you come over? Living with boys is WAY worse! Lol
  • prieta05
    December 1, 2012 at 2:12 PM
    Are u sure thats not my SIL???? She had crusty underwears when she used to live at my place everywhere around on my studio. Then i kicked her out and she got an apartment and still had clothes everywhere with dirty underwears.

    Quoting Anonymous:

    It's amazing how some people can live like pigs. I worked with a girl that would have her dirty underwear laying on her bathroom floor. She never cleaned if she had company.

  • Anonymous 11
    by Anonymous 11
    December 1, 2012 at 2:41 PM

    I can't stand a messy bathroom. I deep clean mine weekly and whenever I use the bathroom I tidy up any little messes that happen throughout the day. This way, it is always presentable.

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