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Be jealous!!!!!!!! My life may not be pretty but I don't care what anyone thinks
by Anonymous
December 1, 2012 at 12:46 AM

So what do you think:

So, I cheated on my hubs and thought I got an std, but really I was pregnant. It's whatev, his mother is being such a b**** about the whole thing, like refusing to acknowledge the child. He's forgiven me and everything so whatev. What really bothers me, am I weird for feeling this way, is that my 16 year old sister is pregnant too. Like the day after I announced my pregnancy she announced hers on facebook, um wtf?!?!?! steal spotlight much sis?  My other two kids are horrible brats, and yes I spank, so I am hoping this one is a good one. Oh, gawd, please don't be a redhead, I'm returning it if its a redhead. 

Anyways, I have a few months before I have to stop stripping so hopefully I can get enough saved up for all I want to do for this Christmas. After I quit my job, I'm going to apply for foodstamps and pa and anything I can get, hopefully I get a really large tax return as well, i pay all my taxes at the store when I buy stuff, kwim?

I'm hoping after I have the baby i can get into the sex surragacy business, or just prostitute myself out as a sahm.

Oh wait, none of this happened, it's just the nightmare cm will induce on my tonight. :)


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