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Probably going to work myself into the hospital.
by Anonymous
November 18, 2012 at 11:23 PM

In which I won't be able to afford it. I can't afford to miss work. If I dare say that I want to call in I get threatened that I will be kicked out. How dare I not want to talk a lot since I am losing my voice. How dare I not want to repeat myself 30 million times. I give up because you odviously don't give a shit. I shouldn't have gone to work yesterday but I did. It didn't get you off my back. Nope today was my day off. I told you and my husband that I was trying to rest my voice so I could work again on tuesday. Nope you both fucking left me with the kids by myself. I forgot moms don't get to be sick. I forgot that all the stress is put on to me and I am suppose to be happy and joyous all the time. You asked me the same question 5 times. I answered 5 times. When you asked again I said forget it and you were hateful to me. Then yelled at me about what an ungrateful twat I am. I said I guess I better off myself because I suck at everything. Apparently that pisses you off because you never told me how much I suck. Even though you had been yelling at me all day long about what I am doing wrong with my life. My husband was no better he kept making me out to be a hateful bitch. Seriously. I can barely talk and asked you to answer the phone. Nope you drop it in my lap and make me answer it. It was my brother. He was the only nice one to me today. You could have answered it douche. Then you turned it into. I knew you asked me to get the phone I didn't realize you wanted me to answer it. I saw my brothers name. Then apparently I fell asleep and you laid the phone on me. Apparently me asking why makes me a bitch. I lock myself in the bedroom. You of course beg me not to do anything stupid. Then not 30 mins later come up to ask why I made such a big deal out of setting the phone on me. I said I didn't you did. I asked why. I said there was a coffee table so I just wondered why you set it on me. Your first answer "I am a idiot who can't do anything right." So yes you made it a big deal. I just wanted to know why. Seriously. Then you say you aren't yelling at me or arguing with me. Just shut the fuck up you don't fucking care and leave me the fuck alone.


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