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I just had the neighborhood skank knock on my door and asked for my husband!
October 13, 2012 at 11:37 PM

She is 17 I think, about 40 lbs overweight and squeezes into hot pants and belly 10:pm we get a knock on the door...I open it and she asks, "Is your husband home?" I said,"Yes, why" She said,"I want to see if I give him gas money will he take me to the train station downtown" I was so shocked I said,"I can drive you" she agreed and I got my keys and took her...On the way she tells me she missed the bus to the station and she really needed to see her boyfriend, he just got out of jail yesterday on a sexual assault charge! She had a baby in Jan '10. I aksed her how the baby was and she said he was good. I said, "Oh I thought you had a daughter?" She said,"I do, I have a son now too, he was born in April" I didnt know what to say at that point and was thankful we had reached the train station. I told her to be careful, she offered me gas money and I declined. I got home and dh was like, WTF was that all about? I wasnt quite sure, lol and dont know why I took her. Dh cant drive, he has a back injury and is disabled, and I have to assist him full time for those who are going to jump to him cheating. We are both baffled..we kinda know her family because her little brother was in the same PPCD class my ss was in, and her dad used to work at the grocery store we shopped at...but neither of us know her well enough for her to expect a ride from us..I would say this chick has balls but her shorts are too short to hide anything like that 


  • greentara363
    October 16, 2012 at 5:27 AM

    The girl needed a ride, judge much?


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