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Public Schooling is a form of `Welfare'
October 6, 2012 at 10:30 PM

I don't personally care who qualifies for FS, and I don't know too much about it, either.  I do know that there is a lot of FS haters on this site whom find no good reason for anyone to ever receive any type of assistance. 

 It got me thinking..........

Public Schooling is a `freebie' too.  Sure. you can say you pay taxes, but those taxes we pay are apparently going to every `public' program in some way, shape or form. When you opt to send your child to a public school anywhere in this country than I'd say you pretty much gave up your right to bitch about families on PA because your child is receiving a `free education'.   I would think that most people would want more for their children than a public school education.  College is NOT the only form of edu that parents should be required to pony up their dollars for. 

(And, no, my children do not attend public school.)


  • fallnangel3
    October 8, 2012 at 8:55 PM
    I pay out the but for my property taxes too lol. There isn't a private high school in our county so everyones kids go to public. When we lived about an hour away from where we are now is when I saw the better off people using private school as a status symbol

    Quoting Anonymous:

    Quoting fallnangel3:

    To my knowledge in my state there is no cutoff. People with better incomes send their kids to private school as a status "thing" around here

    Quoting Anonymous:


    Quoting Anonymous:

     I agree with the majority of your post... just curious, what income brackets disqualify one from attending public school?  I understand people of certain incomes provide a private school education, but never heard they were ineligible to receive a public school education. 

    Quoting booklover74:

    Public schools are a form of an entitlement program. The majority of people will never want to believe that and lots of people think states must have public schools. They are free to everyone within certain brackets, are paid for with public money and aren't something you have to pay back. That is the basic definition that seems to fit entitlement programs. Medicare opperates that way, food stamps opperate that way, pell grants opperate that way,  I'm sure other things that people consider welfare or entitlement programs opperate that way as well.

    Public education is  a states right. it's been less than 100 years since all states even had a public education system.  The federal government has no authority over public education to tell states you must offer a public education system. States have chosen to for the betterment of the population, like they do roads and jails and such. It isn't a public right for a state to offer a public education system though. The only way it would become a right iis through federal law or constitution. Federal courts rulled, long ago, that public education was strictly a states right not a federal one. States can chose to have one or not.  



    My pediatricians kids go to school with my kids.  And their Godfather (who has in excess of 20 million dollars also sends his kids to public schools-so what is the income cut off where your kids can't attend? I know it's over 160K..and what is it?

    Not around here-we pay thru the nose for taxes and have a superior school system.  As I said people with millions of dollars will still use the public system here, as will Dr's kids and Lawyers kids...

  • Anonymous 79
    by Anonymous 79
    October 8, 2012 at 8:59 PM

    Quoting ElitestJen:

    People who receive food stamps definitely don't pay federal taxes, probably don't pay state taxes.    

    I applied for food stamps, yet I owe the IRS about 1500 bucks on taxes.  

  • Anonymous 80
    by Anonymous 80
    October 8, 2012 at 9:00 PM
    Well said.
  • darkwhisper
    October 8, 2012 at 9:51 PM

     Thank you. I hope the schoo board lets him go to K12, because he deserves every advantage. If for some reason, they don't allow him to enroll in K12, I am already prepared to teach him independantly at home. I have a whole year's worth of curriculum and he's so excited to work with me. And I am really excited to work with him too. I love having my babies at home.

    Quoting Dzyre1115:

     That was my biggest draw to the Catholic Schools I chose for my children, the fact that the kids always seem to come out of the school so happy, in fact they always looked happy, no matter when I dropped in to view the school or file paperwork.  I want them to be happy in school, because if they are they learn so much more.  Good luck to you, I hope you get the solution you need, because the crying when having to go to or when they get home from school, would be a deal breaker for me too.

    Quoting darkwhisper:

     My kids are currently enrolled in public school, but I am about to pull my youngest out because he is having a lot of problems with his teacher. She is rude, and completely disrespective. She has disregarded my son's wish to be called by his middle name which is a point blank disrespect for him as an individual. She has also been very rude to me. When we went to parent-teacher conferences, she just talked about how he is failing spelling and math. She had nothing positive to say about my son. He has been waking up crying, and begging me not to make him go to school. I have everything I need to teach him at home, IF the superintendent of the school doesn't let him join K12. Though I may have some grammatical and possible spelling errors in this reply, but that doesn't mean I don't know how to teach him what he needs to know. He is only in second grade, and so very smart. It just isn't right for the teacher to bully the students, and i'm not going to let him suffer like that.



  • karisma22
    October 8, 2012 at 10:06 PM

    That's just crazy.  No way in hell I'd pay to send my daughter to any of the public schools where we live.  Most of them pretty much suck.

    Quoting KairisMama:

    They allow payment plans. Those really in struggle can apply for a fee waiver.

    Quoting karisma22:

    Wow!  What do they do if you can't pay?  Since, it's required by law to attend school until you are eighteen.

    Quoting KairisMama:

    150.00 per student here

    Quoting karisma22:

    Who does it cost? I've never paid to register my daughter for school.

    Quoting m0mmyheather:

    It costs to even register for public school.

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