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I'm considering not letting my new child around my mother-in-laws boyfriend.
by Anonymous
October 4, 2012 at 12:29 PM

I can not take this guy anymore, I'm 24 years old and got pregnant with my SO's child. Talking to what is going to be my mother-in-law she convinced me to have us come live with her so I can focus on being pregnant and not worry about money and other things. When we got here I was already uncomfortable enough and I just now got to the point of making food and cleaning freely. But I have been brought to a limit of anger, my mother-in-laws boyfriend lets call him "Bob" is a complete asshole and drunk. He spends his days at work, and his nights at home complaining about something to my MIL. Once when I was still working he got mad that we left the toaster over on while there was food in it and that we were using the AC, "If you want to be comfortable go somewhere else, I don't pay for you and your GF." I was so livid because it's not like I actually wanted to be here I had a place just fine in Arlington. I left some money and a note out after that night, the note read "Sorry we're a burden and use the AC here is some money to help out." I did that even if they didn't ask for any money, but the money just sat there for a month until it was returned to me. This man gets drunk every night he does not miss a night and then he bitches about anything. I heard him yell about my MIL not closing the fridge well enough. My dad came here once to see what he could do about the bad ac and bob told us no one is to work on it again and called my dad an asshole pretty much. The other day it was 80 degrees in the house and I turned the ac down a little to 75 and he came out all drunk saying "If you're going to use the ac why don't you try paying for it?" only that was not to my face it was just as he was turning it back up. I got so mad, I tried to give you money once you jerk... We try hard to help with chores and we eat our own food. My SO works and I don't anymore but I did, we try to be gone to help out with the electricty ect. It is stressing me out so much I finally told my MIL I do not want that man in my childs life. If he can't be a decent human towards me while I'm pregnant I don't think he will be decent towards my child? If we can't get this man to see how he is being or get him to go to AA what can we do?


  • Kaylawv2
    October 4, 2012 at 12:32 PM
    I would move out asap and no i would allow my kids around an alcoholic asshole.

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