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Beyond stressed!!!
September 17, 2012 at 3:02 PM

I hate not being self suffent lately, it's driving me plum crazy!!!! I've never had problems paying my bills up til about 3 months ago and all I feel like I do is move 2 steps forward and 100 back... My mortage is 3 months behind and my power and utlities are going to be shut off in the next 3-5 days "depends on which one" :-(  My deadbeat for an ex-husband owes $1,151.09 in child support and I'm having issues getting my daughters SSI check due to a screw up so I'm waiting on that for the past two months.... What's that old saying when it rains it pours!!! Before anyone starts the whole get a job bit I do work...

I've literally pawned everything I can think of that I own, sold some stuff in a yard sale, and even took a loan out  on my fully paid for car :-(

Which now that doesn't look good either, literally on E in gas and I have less than 10 dollars to my name.... Dear God, I need a miracle :-(

Seriously coming short of standing on a street corner of OBT I don't know what to do... any suggestions...


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