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Nearly paid for a mom's groceries... till I saw what she was buying
June 12, 2012 at 5:22 PM

I was at the self pay ringing up at the same time as another mom.  I was alone and she was only a few feet away so I could hear her conversation with her kids.  They were all so excited to get home because they were hungry, hadnt eaten all day.  The conversation got alarmed and the mom was saying her card wasnt working.  I could tell she needed the food and she didnt know what to do.  She was starting to walk out without her food and I was turning around to offer to pay and then I noticed the packed bags, they are clear so I could see they were filled with  chips, soda and candy.  Not one veggie or fruit. 

I decided they didnt need my help after all.


  • cherryblosso883
    July 13, 2012 at 9:44 AM

    Junk is cheap such as ramen noodles snack foods etc. Maybe the could not have afforded something healthy cause we all know healthy stuff is cheap right? My family is in a kind of in a rough spot since our cars are taking a shit on us and I need to find a job which I am =D. I am also very lucky to be in a state where I can fish and hunt for my food and to be able to grow my own vegitables,but my plants are dying. So we bi some mac and cheese and stuff and some snacky foods. (we try not to buy alot of junk and ramen noodles are awesome).

    They might also be in a very tough spot also you never know what kind of situation they were in. I know junk is not the way to go to feed you kids right and I kinda cring when I see people that buy nothing but chips and soda. I would have atleast of offered to get her some heathier food and pay it for her. Good karma always comes back to you just as well as the bad =D. Not trying to be a bitch here I am just saying ya know?

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