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Craft/Game Time: Valentine Bingo
January 25, 2013 at 2:05 PM

                Valentine Bingo


These creative valentine bingo cards can be printed off for any number of children. The cards refresh on the screen with random numbers. Be sure to check back for BINGO cards for other holidays too!

The “I Luv U” cards are not just for Valentine’s Day. Use these during Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or any time you would like to spread a little love around.

Note: In our version of a Bingo game you do not call off the letters. Print the numbers sheet below and only call the numbers. The same numbers sheet can be used with any of our Bingo games.

What you'll need:

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Printer paper or cardstock (print off on pink paper if desired)
  • Printable BINGO cards (see below)
  • Scissors
  • Conversation heart candies, Valentine M&M's or other markers (see tips for ideas)
  • Clear adhesive laminate, optional (recommended: Con-Tact paper)
  • Bowl
  • Cardboard (optional)
  • Glue (optional)


How to make it:

  1. Print a page of HEART BINGO cards.  

    If you experience printing problems:

    All computers and printers handle printing from the internet differently.

    Mac users can use 'shrink to fit' print option to get them to print on the page.

    PC users can try two things:
    First try changing the font size to something smaller and try again. In Explorer, use the "View - text zoom" menu, in Netscape "View - decrease font size". If that fails to help, you can print the page in 'landscape' mode and get two complete cards per page instead of four.

  2. Now hit refresh (Internet Explorer = F5, Netscape = Ctrl+R). The page now displays new random numbers!
  3. Print the page again.
  4. Be sure to print off enough playing cards for each child to have one.
  5. If desired, cover with Con-Tact paper or laminate to be able to reuse the cards again next year.
  6. Print a page of BINGO numbers. HINT: Print off on cardstock or glue to cardboard to give the numbers stability.
  7. Cut the numbers apart on the lines.
  8. Place the numbers in a bowl.
  9. Give each child a BINGO card and a handful of markers (see tips below).
  10. Reach into the bowl, call out a number and the children place a marker on the number if it appears on their card.
  11. Play the game just like regular BINGO. Play for 5 in a row across, down, diagonally, or even play blackout by covering all the numbers on the card.
  12. Have fun and be sure to check back for more holiday BINGO cards at Kids Domain's Craft Exchange!


Choose your marker. Number markers can be holiday candy, punched circles from cardstock, flat buttons, or any small item that you have a multitude of. Here we used conversation heart candies and round craft jewels.

Prize ideas. Though certainly not necessary, you can offer prizes such as stickers, small wrapped candies, or colorful erasers. Or, instead of prizes, offer the winner to draw the numbers for the next game!

Fun game strategies. Variations of bingo include matching all the numbers within a row or column either diagonally or straight across. Blackout is a longer version of Bingo where all numbers on the board must have a marker. This can take much longer and is not recommended for children 6 or under due to shortened attention spans.

Some more creative variations of this game can include covering all numbers that border the card, creating what looks like a picture frame when complete. Three way is another, more challenging option, where players must cover both diagonal lines (looks like an “X”) and the center row in order to win. 


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