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Share-what's a typical day like for you?
April 24, 2014 at 6:21 AM
From staying at home, to working, to working at home-all moms have it hard! Share what a typical day is like for you. Are you happy, or do you wish you could live your life differently?


  • Pink.Frosting
    April 26, 2014 at 10:44 PM

    My days are pretty low key.  After I wake up I have what I call my, "morning chores," which is walking the three dogs, taking care of our chickens, making sure some food gets left out for the stray cats that hover around and watering the flowers on my porch.  At that point, it's time to slow down because my back pain will have kicked in.  So I take some Ibuprofin and have some coffee or tea and usually get online.  After the Ibuprofin starts to work, I'll exercise on my stationary bike and sometimes on my elliptical.  Then I'll fix breakfast, empty the dishwasher, start laundry, etc.  After that it's just whatever the day needs as far as errands or housework.  In my down time I'll read, cross stitch or get online.  That's about it until time to fix supper.

  • Kaci
    by Kaci
    April 28, 2014 at 10:30 PM
    I used to have the same hours you do. It can be hard! So glad yours is changing.

    Quoting MistressMinerva:

    I wake up at 3am. I leave the house at 3:30 to go to work. Hubby is still sleeping, he doesn't get up until about 8:30 am and he starts getting ready for work. He leaves about 10:15 am for work. I get home between 12:45 and 1pm.

    The rest of the day I do errands and clean house if needed. Hubby doesn't get home from work until 8pm. I go to bed between 8:30-9pm so I don't get much time with hubby.

    Starting Sunday I start going into work at 6am instead of 4am and so I will be getting up at 5am. So I will get an extra few hours of sleep and then stay up a little longer to spend with hubby before going to bed.

  • Kaci
    by Kaci
    April 28, 2014 at 10:46 PM
    After sleeping 7 hrs I get up, let the dog out, have coffee, start laundry, start the DW, check in on CM, and do what I like the entire day. Some evenings dh comes in and some he doesn't. We became empty nesters last year when the youngest moved out. But he didn't go far. He lives in front of a in our rental house. I will be going out of town in 2 weeks to watch my gd for a week. My days will be busy then picking her up from school and connecting with friends I haven't seen in a while. My days now are boring. lol
  • adove01
    by adove01
    April 29, 2014 at 7:35 AM
    Right now I wake up at 6. Make sure the 2 oldest boys are awake and getting ready. While they get ready I either do some cows or have my much needed quiet time. I take them to school at 7. Come home and get ready for work and get the younger 2 kids up and ready for school. I leave at 8:45 for work and hubby takes the 2 younger kids to school at the same time. While I'm at work hubby sleeps since he works 4:30pm-3:00am. I take a lunch sometime during the day (hopefully). Hubby picks kids up at 2:30 and 3:10 and the takes them to the sitter. I get out of work at 6 and then pick up the kids. Still dinner and homework to do along with chores. Make sure kids go to bed latest at 9:30. I usually stay up till 11 to talk to hubby on his lunch and do laundry or dishes.

    Am I happy? I make an effort to be content until things change. We are better off than we were years ago and still struggle a little. Things are getting better. If I could change something it would be either my or hubby's work schedule.

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