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I need Ideas!! Come share please!
January 30, 2013 at 10:01 AM

I just found out i am pregnant again for the 3rd time i want to find a unique and creative way of telling my SO that we are having a baby. I know he is going to be so happy as we have been trying for a while. I am currently not working so it can't really be anything that involves money. I don't like to admit it but i suck at cooking so don't think that be a very good idea lol. My past two pregnancys i didn't get to surprise the daddy bc he insisted to be in the bathroom with me when i took the test. But i just took it this morning and it was a big positive and he is at work right now i got til 5pm til he gets off work. So please if you got any ideas that you may have or might have used or wanted to do please share and help me out! Thanks!


  • GigiMichelle
    January 30, 2013 at 2:39 PM

    Hi there!!! Not sure how soon you want to let him know, but  custom one sided T-Shirts are about $6.99 at visitaprint and they can deliver in like 2 days. I've ordered so-called funny/gag gifts from them for years for pennies that have been not only a conversation piece but something exciting (like your news).....Use your imagination. Here's one that I did to give you an example. Our 4th anniversary was coming up and I found my husbands vows which were exteremely mushy. Called visitaprint downloaded a rather large pic  of myself to a shirt and had his vows written below. I looked at it as a gag gift that he would never wear....CHA!!!!!!! Please: he loved it and wears it ALL the shame in his game. *How about a pic with just your children on the front with the caption; "We're Gonna Have a Baby!!!"....and wear it until he finally pays attention. Congrats, Good luck and plenty of Baby Dust!

  • butterflyluv916
    January 31, 2013 at 9:20 AM

    I really like the ideas ladies thanks alot i mixed some of the ideas i order a cake with the saying on it mommy didn't make this but she is baking something and it will be here in 9months! And to top it off i done a scavenger hunt i had some baby stuff from my boys i put them all over the house and at the end i had the cake and my pregnancy test! He cried tears of joy! We are over the moon about our bundle of joy! Thank You all for the great idea's! I will post when we find out the sex of our miracle baby! I am hoping for a girl this time and he wants a boy! I have two boys from a previous relationship and he has two girls from his previous relationship... so we shall see! I was joking with him and said it be kool if we had twins and we had one girl and one boy! I do have twins in my family but i don't think we are going to be having twins though! Thank you all again!

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