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Did anyone else have an interesting pregnancy stories
January 24, 2013 at 3:19 PM

So with my first two it was just the normal c section type of thing, they where both breached and emergency because even now my kids just have to be difficult about things:) My last son i had a really bad stomach ache and found out that it was my contractions being a minute to two apart, really wasn't that bad just uncomfortable. But they gave me some medicine to help me rest and i went to the bathroom and ended up climbing onto my iv pole because it looked like the floor was moving, luckily the nurse came because i wasn't on my monitors. I was meant to call her but i like my children am stubborn and hate asking for help. Then when they did the c section to get him my epidural wore off to soon and I had to feel the rest of getting stitched up. OWIE! They tried to put stuff in my iv to knock me out but i just kept getting drowsy and then it hurt and i wake up again, three doses later and they couldn't give me anymore. Where all healthy and happy i was just curious if anybody else has had any interesting stories or anything


  • JasonsMom2007
    January 27, 2013 at 3:32 AM
    I was fighting with my ob while I was in labor.
  • MommyBell
    January 27, 2013 at 8:32 PM

    My first one I did the splits at home. Scared the hell out of myself and we took the bus to the hospital where the sono showed no fluid around ds. 7 hours and one newbie nurse replaced with a nurse with 5 kids later he was out. They tried to move me from a labor bed to a delivery bed mid contraction and was stuck in crab walk possition balanced between the two beds. I told my ex how many sitches i felt.

    My second one the dr gave me too much medication. I don't remember much but the doctor broke my water with out a hospital gown on and completely messed up her expensive cashmere sweater. I kept on telling my then husband that the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck and sure enough it was. I also kept punching my leg in recovery yelling that I could not feel them.

    My youngest came 6 weeks early the only sign being my legs twitched. The nurse blew out the iv in my arm (i laughed at the look on her face when it happened) was put on meds to stop labor, was given a shot per butt cheek to help form her lungs. 12 hours later she tried to push past the cathader, once the midwife removed it K came out with her elbow pointed out and "singing" she spent 11 days in the nicu where I earned the name milk lady (i pumped every two hours and got close to 8 ounces + each time).

    Now mommy's baby days are over.

  • DixieFlower
    January 28, 2013 at 6:54 PM

    Let's see with my first I started having contractions at 4am the day of my 40wk doctor appt. My appt was at 9:45am and when I got out of the car my water broke. I didn't know that's what it was and thought I'd pee'd myself once again. Once it was confirmed it was my water I went home to get my house ready for sub staff (I'm a live in companion for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities). I'm cleaning house and writing notes, my husband is panicing and making several trip from our room to the car.  I call my doula let her know whats up and tell her we are heading to the hospital.  I finally headed to the hospital at 1pm. I have DH stop by the bank so he has some money.  At the hospital they were expecting me. I meet nurse doom and gloom. Contractions pick up I'm walking, using my birth ball, rocking in the rocking chair. At 24 hrs labor I just can't handle being in the bed during contractions so I get an epidural. Bad mistake on my part. It makes me itch all over and it stops my labor. So then I get pitocin. Then at 2pm on my EDD they say I'm ready to push I couldn't push with the epidural so we stopped it. Once I could feel again I pushed. He was born on his EDD 36 hrs after my water broke with a double nuchal, posterior, and had a veletmous cord insertion.

    My youngest I started having contractions 4am when I was 36wks 4 days.  I worked that day and just dealt with my contractions as they came. At 10am I let my supervisor know that I was probably going to be heading to the hospital before the first of the week (this was a Sat) I would have satyed home longer except one of the ladies that I assist has high anxiety and as my labor progressed her anxiety got worse. So at 8:45pm I called my supervisor and told her I was heading to the hospital. I told my husband to drop me off at the door and take his time parking the car.  The poor receptionist kept asking me if I was certain I didn't want to go on up. We walked to the L and D floor. Once there the Triage nurse checked me and said that I was 6cm, 80% effaced and had a very buldging bag of water. Then she broke my water without my permission. My son was born 8 hrs after I got to the hospital.

  • lovebugs_mom906
    January 29, 2013 at 7:13 PM
    My son had to be suctioned out too because he wouldn't drop into the birth canal. He had the cord wrapped around his neck and it was literally holding him back. That being said, my doctor was amazing and she eased him out slowly, and I only tore a little bit. And he didn't even have a cone head.

    Quoting MistressMinerva:

    With them using the suction thing on her, it ripped me. It was very painful afterwards for several weeks until I healed. I had to sit on a pillow for comfort.

    Quoting goddess99:

    omg 28 stitches jaw drop

    Quoting MistressMinerva:

    Mine wasn't too interesting. She did have to have a suction thing to help pull her out since her head was so big. She weighed 8lbs 2ozs and I had 28 stitches.

  • babybugsmomma
    January 30, 2013 at 7:42 PM
    The first was pretty normal, but the second was more interesting.

    With my first, I lost the plug and went into labor when I got up to pee while hubby was getting ready to work. The day before my due date. No pre warning. Hubby had to stop at a gas station for coffee and took a half hour getting it on the way to the hospital. Then later the Dr told me to push, I told her I couldn't because it hurt, hubby smarted and said he didn't feel a thing. I hit him so hard that it knocked the wind out of him. The Dr laughed (she was against men). I tried to sleep through most of thè birth. I got to leave the hospital early enough so I could eat thanksgiving dinner.

    My second was a breech, cord wrapped around his ankle which was pushing down the birthing canal. I was emergency c section 4 days before he was due. I had such a bad anxiety attack that I started to get nausious,(sp?). The anastesiologist had to give me more meds and talk to me to calm me down. I hated having my arms restrained in a straight line out from my body. Not being able to move them added to my problems. My hubby was no help because he got sick when they popped the sac and fluid rushed out all over the floor. Son was then rushed by ambulance the next morning over an hour away to a different hospital to their nicu.
  • skywater03
    January 31, 2013 at 9:38 AM
    Had DD at 26 weeks due to severe preeclampsia. Went into the hospital on a Friday with swelling all over, high BP, protein in the urine, horrible headaches, & vision troubles. We tried to induce but ended up with an emergency c-section at 2:56 Monday morning. After delivery, I went into shock which landed me in the ICU for a few days. I was in bed for over a week without moving, my muscles atrophed and I had to do PT to get back moving. DD stayed in the NICU 78 days.

    DS was a different story. I was being watched for preeclampsia. I was put on bed rest at 27 weeks due to my BP starting to go up. Woke up at 3:33 on Friday at 29 weeks with what I thought was false labor. (I had never been in labor.). Had an ultrasound scheduled for 8:30 so I waited until then to go to the doctor. Ultrasonographer did not say a word, which was not normal. After u/s the doctor's nurse came in to tell me I needed to go straight to the hospital. They thought I had an abruption and knew I was in labor but wanted the high risk doctor to check me out. He found the abruption (I was bleeding out behind the placenta wall) and a congenital heart defect. The doctors wanted to wait and see if the abruption would stop with hospitalized bed rest and slowed the labor with a mag drip (which is torture). The practice that I had been seeing provided a swinging door of doctors from Friday until Tuesday when one doctor finally decided to deliver. Dr. S said (during delivery) "I am glad we did not wait another hour. We could have lost both of you." DH and I looked at each other with horror. How could the doctors be monitoring both me and DS and have allowed this pregnancy to continue these extra few days! Dr. S also told us he did not think it was a good idea for me to have any more children (during delivery!). DS stayed in the NICU for 35 days. After all of that, Dr. S told me that I had not gotten back down to my pre-pregnancy weight at my 6 week check up. I personally know no woman who has gotten back down to pre-pregnancy weight by her 6 week check up. (Do know that DH and I had been eating drive thru for supper every night while DS was in the NICU. We managed to see DS everyday and tuck DD into bed every night while living 45 minutes from the hospital.). I was shocked that he made any weight comment but he does not seem to have a good bedside manner. I have changed OB/GYN practices! My new doctor was horrified when she heard the story and read the notes about DS's birth. I now have two beautiful children (DD 5 and DS 1)!

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