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My son is actually...FEMALE?!
January 10, 2013 at 7:00 PM
So, after 6 months, we just now got around to sending in for my son's birth certificate. And apparently, my son is actually female cause that's the gender that had listed for him. So, now I have to call in to have it changed. Urg. Has thsi every happened to anyone else? Was it a hassle to get fixed?


  • SlapItHigh
    January 11, 2013 at 1:16 AM

    Oh wow.  I hope it's not too much of a hassle to get it fixed.

  • Basherte
    January 11, 2013 at 7:45 AM

    It happened to me, and no it wasn't too big of a deal to get it changed.

  • xxMichellexx
    January 11, 2013 at 7:54 AM
    I live in Australia and we have to have the birth registered within 60 days of the babies birth.. If we don't then 'births deaths and marriges' have the legal right to name the baby themselves......
    They will send a birth certificate out with the child's name on it and he parents get a fine..
  • delanna6two
    January 11, 2013 at 11:13 AM

    No I did not but hope you are able to get it corrected...

  • Pammi86
    by Pammi86
    January 11, 2013 at 11:15 AM
    Sorry mama!
  • Janet
    by Janet
    January 11, 2013 at 2:02 PM

     I'm sorry that happened to you. Hope you get it fixed without too much hassle.

  • JenniferMiller0
    January 11, 2013 at 3:53 PM

    SO I called up there today and I have to send in a copy of the orginal and a letter stating what the problem is.

  • auntangelofsix
    January 11, 2013 at 4:31 PM
    What huge mess..
  • DixieFlower
    January 11, 2013 at 4:50 PM

    So sorry I've not had that problem. Did it have him listed as female on the mother's copy as well?

  • Aishamusty
    January 13, 2013 at 6:43 AM

    Quoting MistressMinerva:

    Sorry you had to go thru that. Hope you get it all worked out.

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