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I should know this.. Help? Update with doctors dx
January 7, 2013 at 5:15 PM
Update: took him to doctor, it's a common cold, was told watch for fever and run a humidifier. And doctor wasnt too concerned over the gasping after a coughing fit. He said it was normal since yds coughed in tiny fits. Kinda how an adult will cough alot then gasp for air and breath a lil funny after, same thing smaller scale.

So I'm filling the humidifier tank, and he's sleeping in his car seat to keep him sat up so the snot can drain and wont pool in his sinus cavity and give him more trouble.
Thank you all for the advice :)

Original post:

So I have 2 kids, ods is 3 almost 4 and yds is 3 weeks today. Ods has had a cold for a few weeks since around Christmas. His pedi said he just had to let it run it's course and to be cautious having him around yds.

Well we've been snowed in basicly since Christmas. I can't take ods outside to play cause the snow is covering a thick chunk of ice plus he's still snotty so he's been chillin on the couch with me watching Disney jr and coloring his coloring books. Well dh got the same cold, but he has washed his hands like crazy, and avoided breathing on yds, or doing anything that would cause him to get sick. I've been ok, I haven't caught the cold they have at all, so it was easy for me to avoid getting yds sick.

Well last night yds showed symptoms of the same cold. He had trouble breathing with a snotty nose so we've tried to keep it clear. Well his breathing is a little snotty sounding. Like he breaths and you can hear the snot moving.

He slept on dh's chest since he was already sick we didn't try to avoid it as hard. Biggest issue is when yds coughs it's like he can't breath at all. He gasps for air after for a few seconds. This is where I worry, plus his temp is 97.9 but he's coated me in sweat where his head lays on my arm.

His pedi is booked solid due to everyone gettin a dang cold or the flu ect but we already had an appt scheduled for tomorrow at 1 pm. My question is more what do I watch for? His breathing is more clear now that I've showered with him letting the warmth and steam help break things up and it's stopped his cough, but I'm so scared ill fall asleep and he'll stop breathing if he coughs.

I plan to go to his doc appt about this unless his breathing gets worse, but I know alot of babies get rsv easy and I don't know what the signs of that is at all.

:/ can you tell I worry alot? Any advice?


  • DixieFlower
    January 9, 2013 at 5:17 PM

    Hope he's feeling better soon.

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