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Upset!!! States petition to leave the USA!
November 12, 2012 at 9:10 PM
"Since WND first reported that residents in the state of Louisiana were petitioning to secede from the U.S., residents in over 20 more states have filed requests with the White House to peaceably break from the union.

Furthermore, the Louisiana petition has topped 14,000 signatures, more than halfway to the threshold needed after which the White House has pledged to respond......."

Im from Texas last time i checked it was at 42,000 signatures!!!! Since november 9th!!
Y are people being this way!?
This will make things alot worst!!
( in my opinnion)


  • DixieFlower
    November 14, 2012 at 8:54 PM

    I think it's interesting how a person can start a petition for their state to seceded without it being put to the vote of those living in the state. I live in TN and there is a petition for our state. I have no desire to secede. I am quite okay with how things are.

  • Violeta191
    November 18, 2012 at 11:52 PM
    Well it seems
    ( im not toally sure about this)
    That after abe got all the states back they had to sign saying they will never seperate from the country, in order to join back in the US.

    Im just suprised by it all.
    And i agree he needs more backbone
    But its hard to take action when most of the time when the Senate n House rep. Are always locked.
  • VisionSeeker
    November 19, 2012 at 10:42 AM

    I'm so glad someone understands how the govt and economy go hand in hand.  I think people forget that the decisions made in the past honestly do haunt you later.  And no one person should be expected to clean up the mess.  EVERYONE (democrats and republicans) need to work together. 

    as for as this petition, shame on those states.  Have they forgotten how many men and women have died or put their lives in harms way to defend our freedom and country?  

    Quoting Da998:

    Not looking to argue here, I respect every persons feelings and opinions.  I am not happy with the last four years either, but, I understand that with a house of republicans against him, 8 years of Bush  and wars and the rich getting richer right behind him, how could anyone have expected anyone to fix all of that in just 4 years? Clinton couldn't do in 4 and he was in exactly the same predicament but was not sharp enough to keep from being caught with his pants down (couldn't help myself).  I voted for Obama and would have never voted for Romney, but I did my homework.  I reviewed and read as much as I could about their plans, their past records etc. Republicans want to force their religious beliefts upon the entire country, obliterate women's rights (we fought way  too hard for this) and oppress our LBGT brothers and sisters (why can't they choose to live as their hearts desire with the same rights as others?).  All of this  makes me feel like we could go back to slavery.  I wish Obama was stronger in the last four years, he lacked backbone----he couldn't go against the very rich (as a hardworking middle income american, I understand how that could happen).  Choosing a republican would have been more disasterous right now, I don't think people really see that.  They based their decision to vote Republican on how much taxes they had to pay in the last four years (due to republicans blocking tax cuts for the middle class [those who make less than $200,000] intentionally so that the middle class vote for republican and again  go back to old policies (making the rich richer with lower taxes than the average hard working american, not to mention going back to war which also makes the rich richer) while again making the deficit bigger.  Sorry, I could just go on and on. Anyway my point was really, how could anyone have expected Obama to really make change in only 4 years.  Threatening a civil war will only makes things worst, we should join together to make the economy better.  It's just too bad that we're not in those sessions, you're definitely right about trusting our future to just a few.

  • dbush0584
    November 19, 2012 at 10:44 AM
    Texas was up to 90,000 last week. I'm sure it's WELL over that by now
  • Da998
    by Da998
    November 19, 2012 at 12:24 PM

    Before anyone takes this seriously they need to validate each and every email and connect one email per resident.  I don't believe people are trustworthy after the Bush/Florida fiasco way back when.  One person could easily create 50 email accounts, I have heard that this is based on creating an account with an email address.

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