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Hav u ever lost your cellphone?
July 18, 2011 at 8:48 AM


Don't Lose Your Cell Here! You Won't Get It Back

Posted by Nicole Fabian-Weber
on July 15, 2011 at 12:12 PM

iphoneIf you've never lost your cell phone, we shouldn't be friends. Because, clearly, you are too responsible for me. If I had a nickel for every time I lost my phone, I would have 20 cents. Because I've lost it four times.

The first time was classic -- at a bar in college. Mind you, this was before cell phones were an extra appendage, and my mother advised me to keep it in my car in case of an emergency. The Vodka Frescas instructed me otherwise. So, I left it at Micawber's, along with a Juicy Tube and my dignity. The second time I placed it on the roof of my car and drove away, like I was starring in my very own sitcom, Hey, Nicole! (The opening credits would end irising in on me throwing up my hands and shrugging my shoulders.) The third time, bar again. And the forth was at the gym. Damn you, physical fitness.

So, with all my experience in losing phones -- and not them getting back -- I'm pretty surprised that only my car made the list of the worst places to lose your phones.

Mobile security startup, Lookout, devised a list -- a fancy infograph, to be exact -- of the top 10 worst places to lose your cell phone, based on recovery chance. They also devised a list of the top 10 cities for lost or stolen cell phones, but we're not going to concentrate on that. Though I will say, get it together, Miami.

You can check out the full list yourself, but here are the five places I found most interesting:

A Swimming Pool. This is the single worst place to lose your cell phone. Not because you won't necessarily get it back -- you actually have a 50-75% of doing so. It's just the chances of it ever working again are 0-5%.

The Bus or the Subway. According to Lookout, you may as well just cancel your service after realizing you left your phone on either of these. Your chances of ever seeing it again are 0-2%. May as well jump in the pool with it.

A Restaurant. Full disclosure, restaurants are often also bars, so my statement above about my car being the only place on this list leaves room for disagreement, but let's not split hairs. (And even fuller disclosure, the "bars" I was frequenting when I lost my phones were not the kind you eat at. Ever.) If you leave your phone at a restaurant, your chances of getting it back are actually 80-95%. That's nice. Gold star for humanity.

A Changing Room. And now humanity gets that gold star taken away. If you leave your phone in a fitting room, the chances of recovery are 0-15%. Why are people who try on clothes so mean and people who eat so nice?

An Airplane. If you're getting all fancy and flying in a plane somewhere, best leave your phone in your purse or pocket. 'Cause the chances of you reuniting with it if you leave it behind are a dismal 0-15%.

Have you ever lost your phone?


  • 2and2onway
    July 18, 2011 at 8:56 AM

    Daily, but always in my home.

  • Strega
    by Strega
    July 18, 2011 at 9:09 AM

    Yep. Last School year, right at the beginning. I was at Open House at our Daughter's School and had my Phone in the outside pocket of my Camera Bag. I guess when I was getting back into the Car heading home, it slipped out without me noticing. Husband went back to the School that night to take a look around the Parking Lot since everyone had already gone home and the School was locked up. We also had heavy downpours most of the night.

    Our Daughter's Teacher sent my Phone home with her the next day. She'd found it submerged in a puddle the next morning. It was deader than dead.

    Got a replacement a couple of days later, but it was such a pain.

  • betsystipo
    July 18, 2011 at 9:14 AM

    usually only at home, so its not a big deal....until the battery dies!

  • LivinDeadGurl
    July 18, 2011 at 10:06 AM

    Nope. Never lost mine.

  • usmclife58
    July 18, 2011 at 10:21 AM

    I am always losing mine :/

  • Liansmommie
    July 19, 2011 at 1:48 AM

    I thought I did once. I lose everything. Ironically hubs who is always so superior about my losing stuff has lost his phone.

  • Liansmommie
    July 19, 2011 at 1:49 AM

    Now that I am looking, my phone isn't where it belongs. It could be anywhere (in the house.)

  • LindaClement
    July 19, 2011 at 2:05 AM

    I don't lose things --you name it, I've never lost it.

    My daughter lost her phone at a nightclub on Thursday night. After a day of phoning it from time to time, I suddenly had a brainwave: I texted instructions where to drop it off, or who to call to have it picked up. It appeared at dd's work the next morning.

  • MommyWeston
    July 19, 2011 at 8:41 AM

     Everyday I misplace my phone around the house.

  • Barronbaby
    July 19, 2011 at 9:30 AM

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