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WWYD-school pictures
October 7, 2012 at 9:44 PM

School picture time.........The order had to be in by tomorrow, BM hasnt been replying to ANY of Js calls, texts, or e-mails about ANYTHING, so I sent her a message through fb (no we're not friends).

Me:  "Hey BM, J has been trying to reach you but hadnt been able to the past 2 weeks.  Im ordering the kids school pictures online tomorrow, is there a specific size you want?  I know your mom told J that she gets a 5x7 and a keychain every year so we put that one in the order but do you want a specific size? please let me know, i need to place the order by tomorrow at 5pm". 

BM:  "Why are you paying for MY SONS SCHOOL PICTURES?  Shouldnt J be paying for it since its not your son?  Just another way that you are trying to take my son from me.  I will order them myself what is the link?"

Me:  "Who is paying for what isnt a big deal, SS, is your and J's son, a school picture doesnt change that.  I'm ordering them together because we get a discount for siblings/families so its cheaper.  And you can only place one online order per family, we already asked them because your mom wanted to order some, thats why were getting them for her.  If you want any please let me or J know by 4pm tomorrow so we can order by 5."

BM:  "What sibling dicount? Your kid and SS arent siblings.  Quit trying to be my kids mom you arent his mom and your kid isnt his sister."

Me:  Not going to argue with you again about this subject, just let me know what pictures you want if you want any.  

BM:  Send me the link so I can order my own you dont need to order pictures of MY SON.


Im not replying again.  Im not sending her the link because you can only place one online order per family.  When I called and asked they said its a problem with the system, if we try and send more than one order it will reject it.  At this point im just going to send a couple extras along to BMs mom, and she can share what she chooses with BM.

I know BM is angry and hurt, having recently lost custody of all her kids.  But she hasnt even called SS in 3 weeks.  J has been trying to reach her for the past 2. The last time we heard from her she was mad because we wouldnt pay for her to come here to see him.  She wanted us to pay for her gas, hotel, and food.  No.  We havent heard from her since.  

This is obviously a new experience for me, what would you have done?  


  • Mommyof5247
    October 9, 2012 at 9:20 PM
    I would order a couple of extra to send to Gma like you planned. Send BM the link (if it doesn't screw up your order) so she can find out the hard way with a reminder of the double online order problem. Or just the phone number to the company.

    You are being very considerate & generous. She's got a chip on her shoulder due to her own insecurity & mistakes. That's her problem, not yours.

  • trinazf8
    October 9, 2012 at 11:58 PM
    I wouldn't have contacted her at all. Like she said, its her kid and if she wants to ignore him and then order his photo just to spite you Then so be it. :-)
  • chanizen
    October 10, 2012 at 4:28 AM
    I would have given her the name of the company and the link and let her work it out with them. And I would stop communicating with her and let bf do it.obvioucly, she takes things poorly coming from you. That is easy to solve. Let him deal with her. He slept with her. She is his problem.

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