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What would you do?
May 8, 2014 at 9:57 AM

The more and more research I do, the more and more I feel that homeschooling is the right choice. It's actually a very exciting feeling. :)

One of my concerns is that I am not sure how to go about handling the learning level of one of my girls. They are currently both in the same grade at their public school (K) but while one child is ready to move on to first grade, I feel like my other daughter could use a brush up on everything...possibly even a "do-over" of her public school kindergarten education.

She is very smart but does take longer than her peers to understand new concepts. This is one of the reasons why I am hoping homeschooling will be a good thing for our family, with more individualized, focused, one-on-one attention she will be more capable of progressing right along with her sister.

My question is, should I have her completely start over with a sense "hold her back"...or should I do something like a hybrid combination of both kindergarten & first grade: begining with a refresher on the kindergarten concepts and then when she is ready introduce the first grade material all in the same year?

What would you do?


  • mommyof3kid82
    May 9, 2014 at 7:41 PM

    I agree

    Quoting No_Difference:

    The beauty of homeschool is you can work at the pace of the child. If you think the youngest needs more review, then do that. She might learn it more quickly since it would be more one on one, and can then progress onto first grade from there. Maybe over the summer do all the K review, and by the new "school year" she'll be ready for the first grade material. It doesn't have to be very long every day either... I did more play with my little guy for K, and we took a very slack year. Next year he is doing K/1st grade (he's only 5), so next year we're going to add in writing, science, history, etc, because I know he's ready for it. This year we only worked on reading, spelling, handwriting, and math. I think he took about an hr tops, and that was with procrastinating with his work usually... Next year I expect him to still need a lot of play to reinforce the book work we do, but as long as he's learning something I'm happy :) The biggest thing I've recently finally gotten over too, is I don't really care what "grade level" the kids should be in. We very loosely follow what the PS kids are learning about, but I don't hold my kids back if the are more advanced, and I don't stress if its something they are struggling on, and are "behind". Eventually they'll catch up :) 

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