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Exactly the day I needed!!
by NoraDun
February 10, 2014 at 4:01 PM

What an awesome day!! We finally started back after two weeks of taking off for being sick. Honestly I was down about the homeschooling, or lack there of, lately! Today we started fresh and I switched things up a bit. Not only was I stressed from the time we have taken away from school work but I was still trying to figure out how best to homeschool my two boys at the same time. It was a challenge forget ever working with my 3 yr old. Well today I thought about what made since logically, Why can't all of the kids do the same Health, History, and Science?? So I allowed my younger kiddos to play while I started work with my 3rd grader, We went over Reading, Math, and English. Then we looked over his Spelling words before I sent him to his room to practice Math problems and Spelling words. (I normally would do all of the work with him and send him to do this last, which is when I would start work with my Kindergartner which took twice as long) So while he my oldest was practicing his work I worked with both my 5 and 3 yr old. Allowing my 3 yr old to listen to all of the work (which she actually already knew a lot of) And best of all while working on reading with my 5 yr old I had an "ah ha" moment while teaching him (thanks to you ladies) which I think gave him an "ah ha" moment. And I am MUCH more confident I CAN teach him how to read, I CAN do this. And I think he realized HE CAN read, and he is sooooo excited about it!!!! Then once I was done with their work and my oldest was done with his I brought them all together for History, Health, and Science. My 3 yr old was in and out, some of it was boring for her. But I kept a light tone, asked lots of questions to get them thinking, and they enjoyed the lessons for the most part! Afterwards I felt really great about all of it. I felt that in about 1 1/2- 2 hrs we got everything done, and done well!!! This is the boost I needed to feel like I CAN do this, I CAN teach them, I can!

My goal for the next few weeks is to try not to lose my confidents, and also to try to add in more hands on activities instead of all the boring book work! And to do more art projects!!

If you ladies would, how often do you do hands on activities? Are you good about always doing something hands on? Do you do something once a week? How about art projects?

Also I found out that a homeschool group near us has a softball team! They have groups of kids T-ball through seniors. So I am gonna let my kids play :) I am so excited to get them in a good enviroment of sports, with kids like themselves. We also plan on doing a sport in the fall, and maybe allowing them to take up dancing (or singing said my 5 yr old LOL) Trying to get them around other kids a little more. I feel like we are always cooped up in the house together LOL they have to be tired of seeing my face all the time!!!


  • Jinx-Troublex3
    February 10, 2014 at 6:37 PM
    DD is 5tu grade and we do a project aboit 2x a week. Her history, Story of the World" has really neat/fun projects.

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