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Can you ladies give me your opinions on these two?
December 10, 2013 at 1:44 PM

 So, I'm still hunting high and low for history curriculum. I've looked at many of the suggestions that I've been given, but the biggest problem I keep running into is how reading intensive they are. While Jamie's reading has been progressively improving throughout this year, and her comprehension is starting to grow a bit too, I'm just really really leary having her sit down and read and copy and memorize. Its not how she learns at all.  On my hunt I've found these two progrmas: TRISMS (which I know is mostly high school, but I was looking at the 6-8th program they offer), and See Time Fly Series.

See Time Fly has "flights" instead of chapters, and each flight has 5 paragraphs. There are questions to answer after each paragraph, and there is a workbook that goes with it, including drawing something. It's more learning through pictures and visually than it is by reading. I figured I could use that for at least 5th, 6th, and 7th grade, and then spend 8th grade on US history (which I'd still have to find....). It looks easy enough for my little guy (who'd be K/1st grade next year) to do if he was read to (which she could do), and I can make it more complicated for her if I needed to, so I'm killing 2 birds with one stone. (I hope the picture came in below, it is an example from their website of their flights)

(above is part of the workbook)
The bonus for me with this one, is that it's $100 for all three books and workbooks - so three years of history, instead of $100 each year, which is what I've been spending now.

TRISMS on the other hand is exceptionally different. It is a Unit Study program and goes over History, Geography, Science, and Langauge Arts. From the examples I've seen, I wouldn't use the Science in it as a full Science curriculum...but it would make a neat supplement...or I could build off of it since I still haven't found a science program I want to use yet either :/. The History Masterminds (the 6th-8th program) goes from Ancient Egypt to the Space Race. The student has three binders, one for Scientists, Inventions, and Explorers. From my understanding - and I could be wrong - get a questioneer, and then they have to research the person, invention, event being studied, and they essentially write their own text book(s). 

I don't know if Jamie would fit this, but I almost feel like if she had to look up the information on her own, maybe she'd remember it better? It seems to be extremely flexible though, so the bits I don't want to do, looks like I can take them out easily enough (such as the bible/church history portions). I'm torn still on the Language Arts part of it. I like what we're using, and so does Jamie so I'd hate to change it up, but at the same time, I like what they have for assignments too :/ Being a History major, I love how this is set up and entirely reserached base, so I don't know if it is my love for the set up that really wants to use this or if it would be a good fit. I know it is how I learn too, but I feel I'm to clouded over to really make the decision if Jamie is struggling with reading and writing, if having her research on her own is good, or if I'm setting her up for failure, and regressing on the progress we've made. The major downfall for this program for me is the is quite expensive, which looks like its around $270... and I'm not positive if that includes everything. I'd also have learn more about IEW...

For the remainder of this year though, I decided I'm going to take the scope and sequence of what we already have, and try to set it up similar to Trisms to see if it will even work for her... My fear with the See Time Fly series, is that it might be too easy for her even though I can add to it. I know I have to take cost into account to, but I'm shuffling a lot of our stuff around again *sigh* I wish this was easier lol.
Thank you for sticking out this far if you have!!!  


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