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Transitioning to homeschool through virtual public school
August 5, 2013 at 6:45 PM

I knew I did not want my son in public kindergarten, because of his personality and sensory issues. I just saw disaster looming. However, I am rather unorganized and I procrastinate (I'm working on it!) so I didn't want to just jump in to straight homeschooling.

I signed him up with an online public school, which I really liked but he was ehhhhh. He's a smart kid but doesn't like sitting down, doesn't like to try new things unless he can master them right away. Math comes easy to him. It just makes sense. I'm the same way. But he thinks that everything should be that way, and if it doesn't come to him in two seconds, it's stupid.

So this year comes and we signed him up for first grade. They're sending his materials, and I was peeking in the "what's included" list and I saw this:
Transitioning to Common Core Student Lessons Book Grade 1*

So yaaaaay. Not super excited about that. I mean, they want to subtly align their existing curriculum to the new standards, whatever. But don't send my kid a book about it, yuck.

I think after this year I'll have a good idea of what to do, and be able to do it myself.


  • hwblyf
    by hwblyf
    August 5, 2013 at 9:40 PM

    Sweet!  We're up at I-25 and Hwy 7.  :)

    Quoting heydooney:

    No way! We just signed a lease for a house in Thornton, off 120th.

    Quoting hwblyf:

    Where are you in CO?  I'm in northern Thornton.  I haven't found a group yet.  :(  My kids all want to homeschool this year, so it should be interesting!

    Quoting heydooney:

    I actually thought about backing out, but we just moved and know no one in this area yet, plus Connections is what he knows so it will help him as far as continuity. I want to get established with the hs community and see what is out there for support and help before I dive in.

    Quoting hwblyf:

    My son is homeschooling because of his personality and sensory issues, but I made him go to ps until it no longer worked, so kudos to you for realizing/recognizing your situation!  Because of those same issues, giving my son worksheets or review or keeping him on a topic he knows for too long is TORTURE (not for him, for me).  I don't know how easy it is to bail once you've signed up for the whole year, but I've found that if my son is having difficulty with something, if I change my presentation or pacing, things can go a lot easier.  Sometimes, though, he has to just suck it up.

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