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Going crazy and school hasnt even started yet... HELP!!!
July 23, 2013 at 11:47 AM
My dd is 6 she will be starting first grade in Aug she's makin me crazy! It's like every time I ask her to do something she just says "I don't want to" I tell her I didn't ask and that she needs to do it but it's excuse after excuse. She's 6 what the neck I thought I had a few years before she started this crap. Today I asked her to get the clothes from her room and mine into the laundry room so I can do laundry while I clean the kitchen. "I don't want to it's your room" yes it is my room but a lot of the clothes in my room are theirs because their room doesn't have enough room for a dresser so their clothes are in my room. I also clean fold and put away them all. Is it too much that I'm asking of her? I know she's 6 but it's not hard.

Also does anyone have an alternative to saying "everything is actually mine and daddy's till your 18 or have a job to buy your own stuff" I hate that I feel like it just makes her wish for the day she's 18 and I want her to enjoy being a kid. But some times she's mean with what's "hers".

I'm on edge with this kid and the people I know always say to take everything away or spank her or make her stay on her bed and none of that works she will come out smiling then in just a few minutes be rite back at it.

Thank you for reading and any thoughts or suggestions you might have.


  • mybabiesmyheart
    July 26, 2013 at 7:00 PM
    Me either but she is just soooo strong willed. She was in her room half of the day because she woke up in a crappy mood and decided her sister and I needed to pay for it by her being ugly to us. Im a pretty strong person but I don't do well with my baby telling me she doesn't want to live with me and she's never talking to me again because she got in trouble for hurting her sister. And I hate that she talks like that she got crap like that from her cousins who we no longer associate with because their mom lets them act like that. It's so hurtful so even after she decided she wanted to be nice I told her to be nice in her room.
  • jenelle_trader
    July 27, 2013 at 3:40 PM

    My dd is very sassy and disrespectful and she's FOUR (almost five)!  We get eye rolls, "whatever", mean faces with growling, the occassional kick or hit, blow your ear drum out screaming, talking back, lying, tring to hide stuff she knows is wrong,  "You hurt my feelings", "I want my nice mommy back", "I want a new family".  Let me clarify this happens when she's gotten in trouble for not cleaning up mess before bed, not eating dinner then getting mad that she can't eat in bed, being told she can't have or do something, etc..  Basically, when I have to pull out the authority card.  I even get it when she wants to help with something and can't.  For example, she wants to help with the dishes.  Well, we have a VERY small kitchen and our countertop isn't next to the sink, (the sink and stove are actually in a closet, we live in a studio apt), I've let her help a couple times, but she just ends up touching everything that she's not suppose to.  So she's not allowed to help anymore and she'll throw a fit over it.  Same with cooking, it's just not safe for her to help.  I'll have get stuff from the fridge for me, but that's about it.

    I've taken toys away when she's refused to clean them up.  She gets a warning that I'll take them if I have to do it, so she started saying, "fine, take them".  I'm at my wits end A LOT!

    Recently though, she started this new thing where every morning she says "I promise I'm going to be a good girl, no more bad Kailynn".  When she starts being disrespectful, I remind her of that and most of the time she straightens up.

    But I worry about whether or not I'll actually be able to HS her.  I honestly think this started when dh and I separated for 8 months when she was not quite three.  Her and I have been sharing a room together at numerous places since.  Before, when we had 2 bdrm apts, she was the sweetest thing.  Praying things get better if/when we are able to get a bigger home.

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