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Considering Home Schooling - anyone in the High Desert of CA?
by swarja
June 29, 2013 at 8:13 PM

Hi I am Jacque and as I posted elsewhere - I had never considered homeschooling...

For 10 years I was a public school teacher and then an adjunct professor.  My mother is a retired Kindergarten teacher and for the past 3 years she and I had been working with my now 5 year old with her Pre K materials....I suppose we never really thought about what might happen if she ends up moving beyond K 1 and 1st grade materials - and yet not even be old enough to start K 1.

And now here we are....starting kindergarten in a school ranked 1 of 10, which means 9 other schools did better.  Having been a teacher I have a pretty good idea what can happen to an advanced kid with a lot of energy, if not nurtured correctly. And I am terrified her passion for learning will be smashed before she has developed the maturity work around this obstacle. 

And yet - I am worried about her getting the socialization and making the friends she needs for age appropriate development.  Which brings me to my final point - if there are home schoolers in the High Desert / Hesperia area please let me know.

blowing kisses


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