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What is it about public school that you are against?
June 27, 2013 at 6:39 PM

 I am curious as to what everyone is afraid of with public school. I went to school growing up and it wasn't evil. My kids went to public school and it wasn't evil. What am I missing?

I chose to home school because I felt that I could give them a better one on one and focus on reading where they were lacking. We are Catholic but it has nothing to do with why I home school. No matter what the school teaches I am confident in my parenting and what our family believes and has taught our children. Even when they were in public school I was very involved in their education and what they were learning. If something was being taught that I didn't agree with we always discussed it. I always knew where my kids were, what they were doing and who they were hanging around.

I just don't understand what is so evil about public school. Is it the curriculum? Being around people who believe differently than you?


  • Remy11
    by Remy11
    July 2, 2013 at 7:27 PM
    So sorry you went through this.. You live in a tough town.. Most would never think of it as its very small but very near Springfield which had very high crime rates that rival big cities. (I know you know that I'm saying for the sake of others)
    Bright side? You can easily take them to Six Flags for a field trip!!!

    I'm in MA too.. Just FYI :)

    Quoting Rust.n.Gears:

    I am in Agawam, MA. It's a tiny place.

    I am sick to death of the hugging crap. A boy trred to kill her. She needs to be held.

    At the time it was about survival. That's why I pulled the kids. I now know I can teach better.

    Quoting Remy11:

    Can I ask where in the world you live? I'm not disputing it but I want to make sure I never move there! And I don't mean specifically but is it a big city? I was a state social worker for many years and have been in and out of dozens of school and have never seen anything even remotely like this at all.

    It is true that teachers are not supposed to hug any longer etc.. But they are taught to have an open door policy for kids to feel safe coming to them.. At that point they direct them to the people who can help further. No they shouldn't be giving therapy but they can (and in my experience do) listen. As for the hugging.. I have actually had to work on stupid cases where the teacher got in trouble for comforting a child in that way.. Because it was against regulations.. (I just threw them out) but many teachers if its a need of a child will break the rules and put their jobs on the line for a child.. Not all but many.. Yes many teachers are over worked and jaded but I hope that it is the exception and not the rule.

    That being said my reasons to HS have nothing to do with teachers and behaviors or even moral issues. I can teach my child better and the way that I want.. Plain and simple. However when he gets older he will attend special classes (of his choosing) at the public school choosing and participate in after school activities and sports.

    Quoting Rust.n.Gears:

    I do not know where you teach but that is not how it is here.

    My daughter is 18 now and flat our refuses to even put her own children that she will have years from now into public school. She said flat out she was ignored by multiple teachers the day a boy tried to kill her. They would not let her speak to them, no one would hold her, she got shoved away by one teacher when she finally tried to force herself into her arms, and she ended up having to sneak into the teachers lounge to call me because no one would call me. She went to numerous teachers. I was told they couldn't let her talk because they were not therapists. Um .... no that is not ok. She was on his hit list. It was the most disgusting thing I ever heard of.

    I went into the school past the police officers to see children in puppy piles being yelled at for holding each other. The kids could not move though. Many children flat out wandered off campus when no one was looking. I spent the rest of the day calling parents and bringing children I didn't even know back and forth from the school because no parents were called. Kids kept asking me to please take them too. I know dozens of families that pulled their kids that day. Later we had to attend a town meeting where we were scolded as parents by a teacher because our children didn't know how to cope with a boy bringing a gun to school. The kids were 12 years old. I just do not get where anyone cared about the kids.  

    Now mind you I have a list of other incidences going back to kindergarten. I never saw any shred of humanity from my childrens educators. Some areas just have nothing left. The good teachers just don't stay here. I am serious. I have seen many leave because they can't handle the schools yet the kids are forced to stay there.

    My biggest regret is thinking that homeschooling was so horrible for so long. I was taught that this was the worst idea ever. Now I know better. I would not put my kids back in these schools but we can not move yet. Once we can I may actually put my kids into a public school ......... in another country.

    Quoting MelanieKross:

    I am a publc school teacher and I second that!  Was it an experience with a bad teacher?  Because if so there are negative people in every profession, but 90% are wonderful people who are really helping children in a public school setting...??


  • CJsMommy040506
    July 4, 2013 at 1:59 AM

    I don't hate public school, but it just hasn't worked for my child. For him the biggest issues are too many kids in the class, he wants to entertain and laugh instead of listening and learning. The other is how long it lasts and not enough activity for my extremely energetic son. In a perfect world PS would not be federal government run but rather state and more input from parents. A four, maybe five hour day would be better than 7-8 hours.  I don't see why they have over seven hours, yet there's still homework to be done, that's insane.

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