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Simply Charlotte Mason!!
by oredeb
May 15, 2013 at 3:04 PM

 Some neat books from simply charlotte mason!

this one is free

The Way of the Will with Charlotte Mason

The Way of the Will (free e-book)

Available in E-book (pdf), E-book (mobi format for Kindle), E-book (ePub for iPad, Nook, and others)

From: Free!

A free e-book that highlights Charlotte Mason’s sensible approach to understanding your child’s will and helping him learn to choose between “I want” and “I will.”


More free

Free Resources

Getting Started in Homeschooling cover Getting Started in Homeschooling—A free e-book that helps you determine which approach to homeschooling will fit you and your family best, plus lots of practical tips for fostering a love of learning in your home.

Education Is book cover Education Is . . .—A free e-book that explains the basics of a Charlotte Mason education, one that includes the atmosphere of your home, the discipline of good habits, and the life-giving ideas that come from great books and methods.

Smooth and Easy Days book cover Smooth and Easy Days—A free e-book that looks at Charlotte Mason’s common-sense ideas and practical tips for cultivating good habits in your child’s life. A great introduction to the concepts in Laying Down the Rails.

Lessons from the Valley cover Lessons from the Valley—Biblical hope and encouragement for any parent walking through a valley time. Sonya shares Scriptures that helped her walk through the first year after diagnosing her daughter with autism.

Masterly Inactivity book coverMasterly Inactivity—A free e-book that explores the freedom that can be found when we set boundaries and then allow our children to discover and learn within those boundaries. Discusses the Charlotte Mason principle of “wise and purposeful letting alone.”

A Thinking Love book coverA Thinking Love—A free e-book that explores what mothers should carefully weigh and consider if they are to give their children what Charlotte Mason called “a thinking love.”

The Way of the Will book coverThe Way of the Will with Charlotte Mason—A free e-book that highlights Charlotte Mason’s sensible approach to understanding your child’s will and helping him learn to choose between “I want” and “I will.”

The Swedish Drill Teacher book cover The Swedish Drill Teacher—A free e-book that illustrates the technique of Swedish Drill that Charlotte Mason used in her schools for physical education, just in case you’re curious.

Check out our Time Savers for other free resources like manuscript copywork, inspiring bookmarks, a Book of Centuries template, our Scripture Memory System, and more.


books for sale and most of these have a free sample

Language Arts

Hearing and Reading, Telling and Writing coverHearing and Reading, Telling and Writing: A Charlotte Mason Language Arts Handbook—Your complete reference guide to building a Charlotte Mason language arts program! This book tells you exactly what Charlotte said about good literature, vocabulary, teaching your child how to read, narration, composition, English grammar, and more.

Language Arts the Charlotte Mason Way cover Language Arts the Charlotte Mason Way—Discover what exactly is included in language arts and how to teach it in an enjoyable and simple way. A quick overview of the complete reference handbook, Hearing and Reading, Telling and Writing, described above.

Delightful Reading coverDelightful Reading—A complete reading curriculum kit that faithfully reproduces Charlotte Mason’s method of teaching reading. Uses sight words and word-building, rich reading selections, word and letter tiles, creative sentences, a word notebook, and more. Now reading lessons can be delightful! (Early Years–Grade 2)

Delightful Handwriting coverDelightful Handwriting—A gentle handwriting course that allows you to progress at your child’s pace from simple strokes to letters to words to copying beautiful phrases and sentences. Uses words and rich reading selections from Delightful Reading (see above) to reinforce and review. (Early Years–Grade 2)



Mathematics An Instrument for Living Teaching covers Mathematics: An Instrument for Living Teaching—Learn how Charlotte Mason taught math from beginning numbers through algebra and geometry. A ground-breaking handbook that reveals what every parent-teacher wants to know about Charlotte’s life-related approach to mathematics.

Your Business Math Series covers Your Business Math Series—Children practice their math skills while running a pretend pet store, book store, or sports store. Great “living math”! (Grades 3–6)


CM Bookfinder—More than fifteen hundred CM-style books (and other resources, like audio tapes, videotapes, and CDs). Browse or search by title, subject, recommended grade levels, time period, and more to find the books you want to use.

Early Years Books—More than seventy living books that were introduced to our children in their early years (ages 3–5) and which they have loved ever since.

Incredibooks—A Web site designed, built, and operated by CM homeschooled kids that highlights and reviews their favorite books. Great resource for leisure-read books.


  • Ruthmom802
    May 15, 2013 at 9:43 PM

     I am a huge fan of Charlotte Mason. Her approach transformed my thinking/teaching technique! It has helped free up so much in our homeschool day.

  • Boobah
    by Boobah
    May 15, 2013 at 10:27 PM
    We started with Charlotte mason, and now, though we are Waldorf, there are similarities. I think I have this book, but I'll check. Thanks!

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