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Registered for classes at a new co-op! Blessings!
April 24, 2013 at 8:33 PM

I e-mailed, months ago, a woman about the largest co-op in our area. It's a protestant group, we're Catholic, and none of the other larger Christian co-ops would accept us because we couldn't agree to a protestant statement of faith (i.e. "non denominational christian co-op" apparently meant "protestant non denominational", lol). I expected the same would come from this co-op.

It didn't. The very kind woman asked me if I could sign the SOF simply acknowledging that this is the perspective from which they taught, and if I could show care in choosing courses accordingly (read: not choose anything that may cause discomfort for my daughter OR the instructor). She was so kind! I had registration today. When I found out one of the classes I had wanted was full, she suggested General Science - when I replied, hesitantly, that I didn't think it was a good idea, instead of getting defensive (like I expected) she just replied "oh! The young earth perspective", smiled, and moved on, suggesting the writing class instead.

We do also belong to a Catholic co-op, but it only meets two fridays a month for a couple hours. THIS other co-op will meet once a week, for an entire day. It's really neat - like a private school model! Pricey, but the once a week classes are taught by actual teachers and sound like loads of fun.

The courses she'll take this fall will be:

IEW writing

Grammar (Shurley Grammar)



She'll have homework from each class, daily at home. At home, she will also have (with me as instructor) math, history, religion, spelling, and literature.

Oh, and another super cool thing about the co-op... the language arts teachers have experience with dyslexic students!

Just had a good day and thought I'd share!


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