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newborn and homeschool?
by JoeMax
March 1, 2013 at 8:54 AM
Just found out recently that I am pregnant with our third child. I am so excited, but I need a little advice. My due date lines up almost exactly with registering my oldest as a homeschooled kindergartener. I'm just trying to wrap my head around how I am going to do this. Plus, my middle ds will turn 4 about a month after baby is born and is only doing an hours worth of preschool a day. Public school is not an option, and theoretically, I know I can do school during the babies nap time and such. But realistically, I know I will be exhausted, and I will also be helping my boys adjust to the baby. Not to mention laundry, dishes, making breakfast, lunch and dinner! My head is spinning just thinking about it! So, how do you ladies do school, housework, and new baby? Could really use some ideas lol.


  • oredeb
    by oredeb
    March 1, 2013 at 11:23 AM

     hi joemax and congratulations on new baby!!!! very exciting!

    do you know how old your child has to be in your state to begin schooling? if its 7 you dont have to register yet and that would be a bit of relief

    otherwise, you can do it!! i did all mine and they are a year apart!hahaha i always had a baby hanging off me for years!

     i always homeschooled them all together, they pick up so much that way from when your working with the older child(3rd dd taught herself to read that way) one thing that really helps me is making lesson plans, knowing what im gona do each day as far as schooling goes and if i dont finish something i just put it on the next day list,

    even in the evenings your dh could entertain the younger kids while you spend a half hour with the older one,

    also i started teaching my kids how to help! that did help me a lot! they loved doing their chores like mom did!

    as for the breakfast lunch and dinner thing i made menus up for 2 weeks at a time, that helped me very much

    and cleaning, i had a master list of what i needed to do each day and checked it off as we did it, something got done and some didnt but at least we were trying!

    also what might help is hiring a young girl to come in once a week to do some of the major cleaning if possible?

  • ballerina.2006
    March 1, 2013 at 12:52 PM

    My baby is due in July. Dd will be starting 1st/2nd this fall (we do a slower pace homeschooling). She's almost 7 and my ds will be 4.5 this fall.

    If I were in your shoes I would look into the laws about when a child must be in school. For my state a child must be enrolled by age 7. So if you have a  young kinder then waiting an extra year may be more beneficial for everyone (your sanity and their education).

    As for everything else.. Not sure how I'm going to manage. I'm taking it one day at a time until baby gets here and it'll just be a long adjustment period after that. Our lessons are very simple so I can give directions while nursing and dd can do her work (reading/language arts). Her math she can do on her own with minimal help. So I'll still be able to get my normal housework and meals done while she works. My pre-k child will need more help but he does a lot of tracing on laminated worksheets and often helps dad with math/science in the kitchen.

    Use life to teach as much as possible! Worksheets and what not do not have to be used. Life is the perfect teacher and those lessons will stick with a child much longer. So if you need to do school and laundry at the same time. Have your K child count how many times it takes for you to empty the washer into the dryer. Or have them push the timer buttons for the cake you're making, etc. There are SO many opportunites for learning especially at this age. Don't fret about it :)
  • oahoah
    by oahoah
    March 1, 2013 at 12:56 PM

    Congratulations! How exciting. I was in your exact situation and instead of staying strong and homeschooling I went ahead & put my oldest in full-day kindergarten & my middle son (who was 3 at the time) in an extended-day preschool program (it was 4 1/2 hours). I consoled myself with the fact that they were in private school so it would be much better than public school but truthfully it wasn't & that is one of my biggest regrets - just chickening out & thinking I couldn't handle the newborn & my older two.  I so wish I wouldn't have done it but nothing can be done now.  By Christmas Break we took our 3 y/o out and then at Spring Break we brought my oldest son home.  It has been harder to adjust (3 years now) than if I would've just kept them home. 

    Depending on your state laws, I don't think kindergarten has to be too academically intensive.  I think if you start planning ahead now with in-home projects and activities for your older boys when your baby is born, it can be an easier transition.  Spend the pregnancy teaching them about the changes that will come into your lives with a newborn, there are lots of great books out there.  It will help you a lot if you have an organized household and if you don't have your kiddos helping with chores then that is something you can start on because that has been a great help with me and keeping our house clean, assigning chores & helping my boys with chores until they can do them on their own. 

    Another thing I would suggest is trying to find a homeschool group in your area, either for just moms or for families, but that has been one of the most helpful things for me to have, mentor moms who have "been there, done that" and new moms going through the same thing as I am.  I joined a group 3 years ago and many of us were just starting out together, now we are friends and our kiddos enjoy spending time together too. I found mine through Yahoo groups.

    Don't stress too much! Enjoy your pregnancy & your time with your kiddos : )

  • NoraDun
    by NoraDun
    March 1, 2013 at 1:08 PM

    I am struggling with some of the same fears. I am currently HS my 2nd grader. Next year my second and third will start K and my oldest 3rd grade. I am due in Oct with #4. I just decided we are doing this, I am gonna get better organized, and we ARE going to make it work. I also think they will adjust easier to the baby if they are home then if I send them off to school, although sending them off makes me think how much easier it will be on me LOL. But I remind myself its not about me, its about them. And I will only have them a short time. So I am just gonna do my best. I already got our 3rd, and K curriculum. I looked through it and my son right now is about where it starts off. So I am gonna do another month or two of 2nd grade work, test him. Then take a month break and then start them early. That way if I have to take a few months off I can! We take a lot of breaks from official school work, and have still seemed to keep caught up. So I just am gonna see how it goes. Good Luck Hun, and Congrats!

  • jen2150
    by jen2150
    March 1, 2013 at 4:48 PM

    Congratulation and you can do it.  I never had a newborn while homeschooling but my boys are very close together.  I worried how I would handle an 18 month old and a newborn at the same time.  My worries were really unnecessary.  There were challanges but I figured them out.  I had a new born and still was able to play and read to my younger son.  Homeschooling will be no different.  The lovely thing about homeschooling is you can schedule it whenever.  There will be hard times but at the same time there will always be hard moments while homeschooling and parenting.  

  • JoeMax
    by JoeMax
    March 1, 2013 at 6:12 PM
    Thank you so much for the support. I guess I just needed to hear from others that I can do it lol. I think I will enlist my dh more often for some lessons, and we belong to a homeschool group already. I know they will be willing to help out when I need it. I guess I just had a freak out moment lol.
  • wunderwifey
    March 1, 2013 at 6:20 PM

    I'm due to give birth in the next week and will be starting our HS adventure in the fall. Its scary, but I'm looking forward to it at the same time. We can do this!!! ;)

  • Kaya529
    by Kaya529
    March 1, 2013 at 10:29 PM

    I have never been in your situation but I had an idea that may help. If you have a crockpot then you can make freezer meals. You just go buy a couple weeks of ffod ahead of time. Measure out everything and place it in freezer bags. One day of work will free you you up on cooking for a few weeks. Plus you could have the kids help and even work in some learning while doing it. There are a ton of recipes online. You can also prepare breakfast before going to bed and have it ready in the morning to help with time management,

  • maggiemom2000
    March 1, 2013 at 11:03 PM

    I started homeschooling a month after bringing home a 4 lb baby who we were adopting out of foster care and I was inducing lactation for. So, not only did I have homeschool and all the other household stuff but all of the time of inducing lactation (pumping, preparing supplemental milk, at breast supplementers, endless hours of breastfeeding to stimulate supply, etc.) but we did it!

    I have to say that homeschooling with the newborn and 4 yr old is going to be a lot easier than 1-2 yrs later when you have a toddler!

    My DD pretty  much lived in the Moby wrap the first few months, I could do a lot with her strapped to my chest. As she got older it was easier to use nap time. Once we got the nursing established it was really easy to sit and nurse her while I read to the older kids, did lessons with them etc.

    I think you should plan on including your 4 yr old in a lot of your K activities. Whatever you are doing for art, science and social studies the 4 yr old can "tag along".

    It is also okay to lower your expectations a bit to adjust and accommodate the new baby. It will all work out in the long run.

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