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Need to Vent... Advice is appreciated too.
February 18, 2013 at 12:35 AM

So today I get a text message from my ex- husband saying, I should put my son back in school due to the fact that my son has mentioned nothing doing at homeschool except coloring. I've been doing this for a week straight now. At first he mentioned he and his current wife were supportive at first. I don't know what's went wrong now. I even offered to show him my son's portfolio, so he could see how much progress my son has made. The reply I receive was "we'll just let the judge decide this."


I can't believe him. If my ex-husband knew how much my son struggled to not go to school. Have 3 teachers hold him back so I could just leave the school. How much my son was picked on while he was at school.

I'm just feeling frustrated right now. I feel like I take one step forward forty steps back.



  • kirbymom
    February 19, 2013 at 4:21 PM

    Aww sweety > That is just so frustrating.  

    If I were you , I would put together a folder of everything you do and keep his handiwork in it too. I would also get the laws printed from your state and keep them in there. Make sure you absolutely know your state's home school laws very well.  Then have a talk with your ex and show him your folder and talk about your home schooling plans for the future. I would also do as another poster suggested and have your son's teachers write a letter stating what your son's life was like at school. Put that in your folder also. Keep it safe and make a copy, just in case you lose the original.  You should also talk with HSLDA and get their legal opinion in regards to how you should legally handle this if it goes that far.  Other that that, clamly stick to your guns and keep doing the best that you can.  :)  

  • jewel80
    by jewel80
    February 19, 2013 at 9:42 PM
    If your ex agrees to homeschool get it in writing with a lawyer! Document everything especially the reason why he doesnt want you to, especially bc its a crap reason! And i know in pa even if you have full physical custody legal custody is what matters with school decisions and its hard to get full legal custody my ex was abusive drug addict alcoholic and he still had joint legal custody its unfortunate but courts suck! Just document everything! Even if your ex doesnt want you to maybe if you can prove to the judge your child is better off being homeschooled you can get a court order! Talk to the school get all the reports about the bullying every little detail, make sure you document all your social activities that might be an area your ex will try to attack the homeschool thing. Good luck! Dont give up!

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