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serious score on book clearance!
February 12, 2013 at 11:46 AM
I ran into Kroger today to grab milk and bananas.

On the way out I saw a book bargain bin. I normally don't stop in grocery stores because they are either a. Not very useful books or b. Way too expensive.

Today however, a book caught my eye so we stopped. We were digging through them for probably 15 minutes! We got 3 of the encyclopedia britannica kids books for less than $6 a piece, a book about boats and ships for ds for less $4, a huge strawberry shortcake book collection for dd(2) for less than $9 and a book about Robins for dd(5).

All together the total came to $25 after tax.

I told them that three of them were for them for Valentines day..and the rest were to share for school. They are so excited! I love how much they love books!

Figured I would pass alone that I found a sale. They may be marked down in your gals' areas as well. They had a bunch more to choose from but I couldn't afford anymore. Haha


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