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Today makes me wonder
February 8, 2013 at 3:55 PM

Can I actually do the HS thing next year?

My oldest came home today with an essay of a note from her teacher. Despite tutoring and after school care help she is still failing. A lot of it comes down to defiance and just plain not wanting to do her work. She'd rather read, stare of into space  and play than do her work. She knows how important education is but if she doesn't have any motivation to do it in a classroom setting where she very much wants to be in the popularity contest; how will I ever motivate her and get her to complete school next year? This morning I was really gung-ho about next year. Now I feel like I'm facing a 10 feet high stone wall. I've thought about pulling her early instead of waiting til the end of the academic year in May. But it seems the baby is going to come any day now and I just don't think I can deal with new baby and full time teacher duties at the same time.



  • kirbymom
    February 9, 2013 at 3:31 PM

    Aww sweetheart. I am sorry that I am not doing such a hot job of explaining this to you.  

    Her 5th grade learning isn't a wash. She will still know everything she learned. Nothing goes away, but she doesn't receive credit from the public system anymore.  If you homeschool her.  What does happen, is she will begin to learn those things which she found too difficult to learn in the public school.  If you homeschool her.  She will get more relaxed and more confident in her own abilities to learn and do things on her own, in order to learn.  

    Let me show you an example of what you are feeling and myself feeling the same thing....

    I have been worried that my 9 year old was at the level I know she should be. She could read, but just barely, she could do math, but just barely. I was starteing to get stressed. But I knew that everything I did was not having any effect on her and her ability to learn. I despaired of her ever being fluent in learning!  So I did something that went against everything inside me.  I took a hands off approach. Did just the basics of the last assignments that I had given to her. Spelling, reading and critical thinking reading/spelling combined. Let her do nothing but this, day after day, day in and day out.   Now after some time has passed, she has picked up in her ability to read, she has improved her spelling and her desire to learn is starting to become ferocious!  She is even asking me to give her more school work! OMG! Not something I even dreamed of, let me tell you. lol  

    So, you are worried that your daughter will not learn. Since she is not learning now, in a class setting and with after class help.   I soooo completely understand.  But all the help in the world that she is getting now is not helping since she doesn't have the time to let it sink in. Being at home, she will have that opportunity to let these lessons sink in. Instead of having 2 days to learn a lesson in, she can now take a week to learn. Or however long she needs to learn and comprehend her lesson. While still continuing on in her other subjects.  

    I hope that I am doing a better job of answering your question(s).  If I am not, please tell me to explain it again and I will.  

    Quoting wunderwifey:

    So if I pull her out her 5th grade year is a wash??? Sorry, I'm confused.

    Quoting kirbymom:

    As mem said, if you pull her out in mid-stream, the rest of her year doesn't count.  And even if you didn't pull her out until the end of the school year, that year wouldn't count either.  Homeschooling doesn't go by the same stabdards as the public school does.  So technically, if you homeschool her, she isn't failing. Plus she would have more time to actually grasp the concepts that she isn't grasping now. You wouldn't need a curriculum per say. You would focus on what she isn't understanding. And making it a bit more interesting to learn and a lot less pressured to learn it. Sometimes children can not learn. Not because they are not capable but because of the people teaching the subject.  All of the people that are her teachers and after school help, may not be teaching her in a way that she can connect with.  

    Quoting wunderwifey:

    Today she would have completed day 117. If I deschool how do I ensure she a) has 180 days by June 30. b) if I pull her now it will be with failing grades for science and math. how do I finish a curriculum for the rest of the year and hopefully get her grades up? I'm not just going to pass her cause I love her.

    Quoting kirbymom:

    Ahh. That is a tough place to be in.  You know what you could do? You could pull her out now and let her de-school the rest of the year and let her be home to help you when you need it. That alone is an education in and of itself. Plus, it would giver your daughter time to re-think what she is doing right now. Also, she can choose a subject or two or even just an interest that she likes and learns about it online, while you are recouping physically from having a baby.  You and she can learn together and enjoy that learning at the same time. Then, when it is time to start school and you are feeling more up to schooling, you can do so.  The beauty of homeschooling is that you can take your time. 

  • KickButtMama
    February 10, 2013 at 8:38 AM

    First thing to remember is, HS only takes at most a couple of hours a day. Not to mention having a new baby is an educational experience. I, personally, would pull her now - what is the point of her being there, where her self esteem must be beaten down? Even if you pull her and do no formal schooling for a couple of months, she will at least be deschooling and hopefully building her self esteem. 

    You can also look at online curriculums that won't require much input from you - like

  • KrissyKC
    February 10, 2013 at 7:00 PM

    Yeah, when you homeschool, you don't really have to worry about anything being "a wash" because it's not really.

    For example, my 11 yr old 5th grader is off the charts in one area and she's behind in another.   She's not a "5th grader" except by age.

    She takes 6th grade grammar/english, 7th grade math and is actually finished with it and waiting on me to get her pre algebra stuff, but her Science and Social studies are more on her 5th grade level of knowledge, somewhat... and her writing itself is a little behind.  

    She HATES writing... and I would say that a 4th grader could probaly write better than her.   But, I see improvement in the area of writing, so that's what matters most.

    Many new hsers want to stick with "grade level" standards... which are good guidelines, I'm not knocking it... but as you get comfortable with homeschooling, then you start doing what's best for the kid and accept the areas they need improvement.   Before long, with that kind of patience and love invested into their education... they start pulling ahead of the other kids, even if they had to back up in the first place....   does that make sense the way I'm saying it???

  • oredeb
    by oredeb
    February 11, 2013 at 9:29 AM

      if you  bring her home, well you could flunk her and do 5th grade over again! since you say she is failing already, maybe that would motivate her to get going


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