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Homeschooling Science ideas
by oredeb
January 31, 2013 at 9:43 AM

 Homeschool science

Homeschooling Science Experiments

31 Water Experiments.
A months worth of experiments with water. Suitable for all ages.

31 Easy Science Experiments for Kids.
A months worth of simple science experiments you can do at home. Suitable for all ages.

Kids Science Experiments.
Some of our favorite experiments and resources.

Homeschool Battery Experiment.
Try making your own fireflies with batteries and LED bulbs.

Experiment with Chemicals.
This activity shows how different chemicals produce different colored flames (and tells you why!). This would be a great Fall activity.

Plant Experiments for Kids.
A simple idea for experimenting with sprouting plants.

High School Chemistry Projects - Smelting Metals.
Smelting metals is a great way to show chemistry in action. Don't have a kiln? You can easily make a kiln for firing clay at home.

Silly Putty Recipe - How to Make Slime and Gak.
Make a polymer and a colloid! Science disguised as yucky fun.

Homeschool Science Projects

Raising Butterflies.
Study metamorphosis and look at life cycles, by raising butterflies from caterpillars.

Periodic Table for Kids.
Looking at the periodic table? Try this idea for making your own.

Chaos Theory Mathematics.
Even kids can understand chaos theory with this simple example.

Albert Einstein Lesson Plan.
Spend the week studying the life of Albert Einstein with this fun lesson plan. Part of my free Smorgasbord Homeschool curriculum.

Langton's Ant.
An interesting thing to look at in your lessons is Langton's model of an Ants Universe. Interesting homeschool activity.

Electricity for Kids Unit Study.
Plan a homeschool 'day in the dark' for your children to explore ideas about electricity!


Homeschool Kids Periodic Table Activities and Links.
Here are some fun ways of learning the periodic table.

The right books can make a great difference in studying science. Here are the homeschool science books I recommend.

Periodic Table Worksheets.
Get to grips with the periodic table with these interesting worksheets.

Printable Periodic Tables.
Free printable versions of the periodic table.

Periodic Table Lessons.
Try this free lesson and coloring page on an element of the periodic table.

Printable Kids Science Quiz.
Available as a printable on my kids quiz page. See how much you have learnt so far!


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