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Are you homeschooling in disgust of public schools?
January 28, 2013 at 6:03 PM

I have not always been homeschooling.  In fact, I only started two years ago.  During the years my daughters had been going to their public school, there were times when certain things really bothered me and sometimes outright RAGED me! 

The last straw was my 9yo old daughter Satine (7 at the time), telling me how she can't go to recess because her teacher was getting mad at her for not finishing her work and she had to do it during recess.  Her damn teacher keeping her in during recess!!!  Kids have a stress level that need to be let out by playing.  After talking with my daughter, I concluded that the reason my daughter didn't finish her work, is because she wanted to take her time to make sure her answered were right.  Satine doesn't like making mistakes, she's my little perfectionist.  You all may think I'm over reacting, but what right does a teacher have in punishing my little girl for taking her time on her school work? 

I got so sick and tired of these political and social agendas in the school.  Every month I had a petition shoved in my face about this or that and how something is going against this amendment, or against morality , etc etc.  Letters about government programs starting and ending, how the district is concerend with "scooores!"

I no longer felt my daughters were safe in school.  My daughters teachers seemed like they hated their job and were taking it out on the children.  These are just a few reason why I am so revolted with the public school system.  I don't have time to go on about everything.  Has anyone else experienced such negativity with public schools that you HAD to pull your kids out?


  • leighp1
    by leighp1
    January 30, 2013 at 9:17 AM

    Ever have a principal tell you it's not their job to help you find what is right for your child's education?  That is kind of what happened to us.  My daughter suffers from social phobia and selective mutism and we were trying to find a way for her to take classes, but with little to no interaction with adults. All this was with her pychiatrist and therapist recommendations.   In the beginning the principal was all for my daughter going to her school, she was a straight A student and ranked top 5% in the state on her Math FCAT scores and made 5's on both FCATs. Then we ran into a brick wall because they couldn't, no they wouldn't help me daughter with anything!! The principal told me after many attempts to figure out a good way to work with my daughter that it wasn't her job to help me.  Needless to say my daughter is homeschooled now and does extremely well.  I also hated that they just dumped them into a classroom and the gifted kids were still having to do what the ESE students were doing.  Not that I hold anything against the ESE students, but there should be some way to level them at least in the classroom and design a curriculum that would help both groups.

  • kirbymom
    January 30, 2013 at 12:50 PM

    It is sad.  I am sorry that you had that happen to you and your family.  

    Quoting mom2Bellarose:

    That was only about half of what went on in those few days, there is much more. I was livid and even after I contacted the superintendent of the school system I did not get a return phone call. My husband also called twice and got no response. I then emailed him and finally he called me. He very nicely said to me that my daughter might have "thought" the teacher yanked her arm. I think it's really sad when the school system would rather protect a teacher than believe a child. Yup, never again!

    Quoting kirbymom:

    Quoting mom2Bellarose:

  • Mommyfish831
    January 30, 2013 at 4:12 PM

    I have only read through a couple comments so far.  I will be homeschooling after the end of this school year.  I have always dreamed of homeschooling my kids but never felt I had what it takes.  2 weeks ago I felt like it was the right time.  So I started praying and doing a lot of reading and research.  The more I read and pray the more I know this is what's best for my family.  I have never been more confident about anything else.  Unschooling is my starting point I guess.  I still have things that I want to focus on though s we won't be truly unschooling.

    I love the school my kids are at, however I had parent teacher conferences right after I had started praying about it and it just confirmed it more.  Basically my oldest (she's in K) is doing really well, she's in advanced math and reading but she is always bothering her neighbors being social and can't sit still.  She is very friendly and very active and I have a fear that as the years go on her energy will not slow down and eventually she will be labeled ADD or ADHD because she doesn't focus the way she is suppose to in a classroom setting.  Then my son (in prek) he can only recognized the first letter in his name.  He also still doesn't really play in groups yet.  He likes other kids but would prefere to play on his own still.  He's very clever when figuring out real life problems.  It seems to me that my kids are not fitting into the "model student" label, which makes me feel that they will be labeled with behavior problems and then their learning process just gets worse in my opinion.  

       I think that the public school system has taken the same course as many things in our country and that is it started out with good intentions but the rules and regulations have gone way over board.  Then there's also some really good teachers and really bad teachers and with our kids moving through teachers every year you never know what they will end up with.  Then you get on the safety issue of schools.  And I'm not just talking about the recent school shoots.  If you think about how many people go in and out of a school on any day and how many people work in a school.  I'm a stay at home mom so I get to spend a lot of time at my kids school but there are people who do not get to spend that kind of time at their child's school so they don't get to know the staff like I have.  I pretty much trust all of them with my children while they are at school.  Then there is the weapon free zone about schools that make them easy targets.  Then there is so much bullying that goes on.  I this is where things really get to me.  Parents don't seem to care that their kids are doing theses things.  The schools have been caught between a rock and a hard place because they never know if the action the take against the student is going to get them a law suit because someone feels that their child was unfairly treated.  Idk there is just so much crap now days.  Kids are being emotionally abused by other kids and sometimes teachers and nothing is do e about it.  Parents can't come down on their kids for fear that the state will come after them for abuse.  Ok ok I'm just going to stop but you get the pictures, it just goes on and on and around and around.  

    We will be homeschooling soon and I'm so happy that we will be.  

    (I didn't proof read this so I'm sorry if there's. ton of grammar errors.)

  • Ppuff1971
    January 30, 2013 at 4:57 PM

    I'm currently homeschooling my 16 year old son (who I originally pulled out due to bullying issues in the 7th grade and refuse to put him back in public schools) and now am homeschooling my 12 year old son again after he wanted to try going back to public schools. I had homeschooled my 12year old for the previous 2 years due to health issues and had to do it again right after Christmas Break.

    I do not regret my decision to homeschool my boys, not at all. My now ex-husband said I couldn't do it and I proved him wrong.  It can be done.

  • lucsch
    by lucsch
    January 30, 2013 at 8:19 PM

    No, not exactly. I homeschool my dd because I want to homeschool her. I have many reasons. Our public schools our not bad, which is the reason I'm not totally disgusted with them. I actually have had two of my other children graduate from them with really great educations. My issues aren't with the schools as much as they are with the change in societal values.

  • KickButtMama
    January 30, 2013 at 10:25 PM

    I love the variety of reasons everyone here has for making their educational choices!s

  • sha_lyn68
    January 31, 2013 at 10:21 AM

    When I first hear about homeschooling in 1993, I was being pressured by the church we attended to start homeschooling to keep my son away from the sins of the world. When I looked at the material that was suggested,  I was shocked at the low quality of the education and the overly religious tone in every lesson (I'm not saying that all Christian curricula are of low quality but the one they used was). I really thought homeschooling was only for religious isolationists and off the grid hippies. Then a couple of years later I met a homeschool family that moved to GA fro PA because of the easier homeschool laws in GA. While they were Christian, they did not use Christian curricula and did not shelter their children from the world. The 2 main reasons they homeschooled was to provide a higher quality education and because 2 of the children were in highly competitive activities (ice skating and dancing).

    In 1997 we moved into what I would eventually find out was a failing district. The first year was bumpy but I convinced myself that I was over reacting. By the end of that first year I knew something was wrong.  For the next 2 years the school tried to convince me that the problems we were seeing were either imaginary or our fault.  Our oldest was in the highest math level in 5th and 6th grade and didn't even have a basic understanding of fractions, percentages or decimals. He was in the 2nd highest reading level in 6th grade and wasn't allowed to check out books from the library over a 4.5 grade level and was being taught from an out dated 5th grade textbook. When confronted with the his lack of knowledge and falling test scores (he went from scoring in the 90th percentiles at his old school to dropping a good 5-10 points each year at the new elementary) the principal insisted that they were teaching what was needed and that the problem was with him. They insisted that he needed to be put on ADD meds. The pediatrician ruled out ADD and asked the school to test for learning disabilities (going on their position that the material was being taught and that he just couldn't comprehend it). The school insisted that they didn't test for LD until I pointed out that the mother of a classmate of DS's was a psychologist that did the testing for the school system. The principal then insisted that the school didn't have time to test every student so it was up to me to get him on meds first and then if meds didn't help they would have him tested. I was even told I needed to change pediatricians and that they could give me a number of a Dr that would call in the prescription without examining DS. I stormed out of the office. Now I wish I had accepted the number so that I could report the Dr. After that meeting I stared looking into the elementary school's record and found that over 70% of the students from that elementary school needed remedial or special education in middle school. It was pretty clear that the school was not teaching, and the students were suffering because of it. Also during this time the school system lost accreditation for a year and then was placed on probation for 2 years.


    DD is 8 years younger, so she was not in school during this time. We enrolled her in a private preK the first year that we homeschooled DS. The original plan was to ask for a waiver to get DD in a different elementary school. We also planned to just homeschool DS for middle school to get him caught up.


    DD's birthday is just a few days before the cutoff and she is small for her age. Due to this she was behind her classmates in fine and gross motor skills and had trouble keeping up in preK. The teacher felt that DD would be bored if she repeated preK since she was academically on track but knew that she did not have the skills to attend a full day public kindergarten. The teacher was the one to suggest we homeschool DD.


    So we went into our 2nd yr of homeschooling determined to get both "caught up" and then enroll them in public school. As the 2nd yr progressed we found that homeschooling really fit our family. At the end of that year we decided to give it a go again for the 3rd year. By the end of the 3rd year we were hooked. I also found out that the department of Ed was telling prospective teachers that they wouldn't have to worry about teaching at the elementary school that DS attended. All they expected was that the students left alive every day since the majority of the students were African American or Hispanic. That right there sealed the deal for me and I vowed my children would never attend the local public schools.

  • Christie1952
    January 31, 2013 at 2:38 PM

    Yes! When they accused my son of breaking the computers on a day that he wasn't even in school. Teacher had it out for him because he knew more that he did. Was called into the office and told we had to pay for the computers. Our Lawyer took care of the problem with a simple phone call and our children never went back to that school.  They homeschooled for years after that, two went on to college and are now doctors. 

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