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January 24, 2013 at 9:45 PM
I'm really looking into curriculum for next year. I'm wondering if I could get your reviews on what you use? Ill have one in kindergarten, doing math and language arts. And 2nd grade, doing math, science history/geography/social studies and language arts. I don't know what alls out there. Thanks


  • Mommy2Phenley
    January 27, 2013 at 9:58 PM
    For ASL, we just sign all the time. I'm nearly fluent so we just include it in our day. We used Signing Time a lot when she was 2 and 3, but not as much anymore. I still love it and recommend it to everyone! She just knows pretty much all the signs taught in the series so it's mostly just entertainment now.

    For Spanish, right now we just use Little Pim. I'm still looking for what to use next. I want something a little more focused and intentional.

    Quoting KALmommy:

    We use almost exactly the same curriculum!  Love Handwriting without tears and explode the code, etc. that you mentioned.  What do you use for your ASL and Spanish curriculum?

    Quoting Mommy2Phenley:

    We'll be starting K this coming school year. We'll be using:

    Sonlight p4/5

    Singapore math and maybe miquon as well

    Handwriting without tears

    Building thinking skills from critical thinking co.

    Hooked on phonics, reading eggs and explode the code online for now. I'm not sure what we're moving to when she finishes those, likely this year.

    For science I'm deciding between 1)noeo physics, 2) SL science A, and 3)DK first encyclopedias and some experiment kits. I'm leaning to 3 because it's what we're doing now and she loves it.

    We also do ASL and Spanish.

  • Jody59
    by Jody59
    January 28, 2013 at 11:53 AM

    There are so many good curriculum out there and many people just pick and choose.

    We really wanted to focus of independent learning and the basics of reading, writing and  math. 

    We used and are using The Robinson Curriculum. It worked for us.


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