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Dealing with a demanding online teacher
January 20, 2013 at 12:27 PM

Does anyone use the online schooling?  Ours is offered by the district. My daughter being in 4th has one teacher & a different program than my 6th grade son. Her teacher is phenominal. Really nice, keeps us informed of things. They even held a "field trip" that we got to go to the zoo totally paid for & meet other homeschool kids.

My son has multiple teachers per subject. All but one are wonderful. They understand some days my son won't work on that particular subject because there is something going on in another one that takes a bit longer. They also understand that "life happens". Kids get sick, internet goes out etc. But one of them, his math teacher, is a thorn in my side. If my son does stuff for others & doesn't get around to math. Or if he is taking an extra day to go over a new topic in math so he understands it perfectly, she is on the phone & sending a MILLION emails complaining that "your son didn't do math today". Mind you, he is required to do 2-3 assignments per week. Which in my mind means he can take the extra days to understand the concept, or that gives him 2 days a week that if he has a project etc he can take the time to do those. 

This lady is starting to stress my son out, which I am running damage control with him explaining that I would rather him take an extra day & understand it rather than do it to keep her off his back & he bombs it or has a hard time with the next thing. Sorry this is long. More of a vent/rant than anything. They are supposed to change teachers & my fingers are crossed that she is one they switch!  Just kinda wondering if anyone else ran into this & if you just gritted your teeth or if you had to intervene in some way.


  • tuffymama
    January 20, 2013 at 1:01 PM
    Have you told her what is going on, what you expect "2-3" assignments to mean, and asked her why her approach doesn't seem to jibe with the criteria laid out in the curriculum? She's a human being. Just ask and tell until you feel satisfied that she will change or that you need to seek an alternative. If your state allows for it, I would just straight homeschool him if the difficulties continue, rather than relying on the same broken system you're keeping him home from.
  • LadyOphelia
    January 20, 2013 at 4:48 PM

    Good idea. Since they just finished with the first semester, if he gets her again I think I will have a nice polite conversation with her & try to find a common ground. We absolutely love the program otherwise. They do allow any homeschooling, the nice part of this one is that you don't have to get a teacher to approve your teaching & you don't have to send them to school for the FCATS. We did look into just self-doing it originally.  Our biggest issue & why we turned to homeschooling was that they didn't teach, they only taught for the FCAT. They wouldn't teach a subject if it wasn't on the FCAT. Plus, the admin would give preferrencial treatment to kids they know/families they know. If you didn't go to their church etc you were ostracized. Then there was the ridiculous "dress code" that really wasn't one & select kids got away with never wearing it. The biggest thing though was, I want my kid to get all subjects...not just tests

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