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Mastery based curricululm?
by noraa21
October 3, 2012 at 10:58 PM

I homeschooled my son last year for most of the school year due to bullying the year before at a new school.  We moved and he begged to go back to school as it was the area we had lived in before, he knew the kids and the school wasn't too bad when he had gone before, so he started the middle of March, two weeks later he was being bullied, but he finished out the year.

This year he would have been in middle school and due to a lot of issues with the school, bullying aside, I said no way was he going.  Right now we are doing Connections Academy and it's been a fight since the second week in to get this kid to do his work.  I think part of it is they introduced a concept one day, and a new one the next, so he doesn't have time to master the old concept before a new one is being added and it's confusing to him.  Then when you throw in the ADHD/autism and puberty we have a hell of a time getting anything productive done.  

So I am really considering going back to homeschooling with out a PS curriculum and was wondering if there are any mastery based curriculum out there for a 5th-6th grade level that is fairly inexpensive, worksheets, videos, online etc.  I would like something that will tell me how to teach it, or at least be easy enough to look up on line so I can figure it out.  Oh and if anyone has any lesson ideas to do with robots, that would be a big bonus too! Thanks.  


  • lifesadream83
    October 9, 2012 at 12:17 AM

    K12 offers an independent study option which would allow you to move at his pace.  They can get pricey but they offer discounts at various times of the year.  Any curriculum can be mastery based providing you just don't move on until he is ready.  I have heard that Math U See is really good and the Teaching Textbooks.  Sonlight is amazing but costly.  However, if you can get a used Instructor guide/ entire curriculum I highly recommend it.  We secularize our sonlight but I noticed you do not mind religious content.  That being the case if you could afford Sonlight they offer complete curriculum packages and payment plans.  If you wanted something based on what your son would learn in the public school Pearson Homeschool has some affordable curriculum.  If you google Saxon Homeschool Catalog they also have some cool stuff you might be interested in.  Science Fusion is in there and has modules for the Jr. High Level so you could pick one at a time based on his interest.  It has online labs.  I noticed most of the stuff in there is pretty affordable.  (I have a large homeschool budget as my daughter used to go to private school so instead of 1000 per month I justify 1500 for the year. )  I just found this link if World History interests you  Charolette Mason and AO are free over the interet Curriculum and then you purchase the materials too. 

    K12 Independent Study


    Saxon Homeschool Catalog;jsessionid=C9223285367744AD369067D50FB030CE.ecom-app-wk1

    Charolette Mason


    Just depends on what you want.  A lot of these sites have samples.  So review them even if you don't want to pay full price you can often find them used.  I combine a bunch of stuff to compile my daughter's curriculum.  I did learn that tailoring it to her learning style and interests work best so if you have the time and ability I would recommend it :)  Happy Curriculum Hunting!

  • Jinx-Troublex3
    October 9, 2012 at 12:33 AM

    I have to second both Math U See and All About Spelling, however, I'm not sure how AAS would go over with an older child, of the OPs age. It has done wonders for my DS with ADD and for my DD who is NT but a snot! LOL

    Math U See is a great mastery program. the only issue is that once my ADD DS got frustrated he "locked up" and coldnt get past the issue. We had to go back to a spiral curriculum (Teaching textbooks) to unblock him and get him moving forward again.

    Life of Fred is also a mastery based math program and I know of several homeschool familes who liked it.

  • DeepElement
    October 9, 2012 at 1:17 AM
    Oh my... My son has ADHD and CA was not a good fit for our family either... It was a struggle everyday!
    One month in and both my husband and I noticed a decline in my sons vocabulary and reading skills and attitude towards learning...
    We have him working on the Time4learning program coupled with Dreambox and The young scientists club, while also supplementing with left over workbooks from the academy and he's once again thriving academically. He's happy, having fun and progressing... I hope you find a good fit for your family... It can be a lot of money homeschooling... But when your child has time to learn and you see their smile.... Awe... Awesome!
  • DeepElement
    October 9, 2012 at 1:19 AM
    Oh and Reading eggs... Sorry forgot to add that. He loves that program!
    If you're interested in any of the above mentioned programs go to the homeschooling buyers co-op. they have a ton of great deals and a ton of curriculum to checkout.

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