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May 4, 2012 at 9:59 AM

Friends, has this ever happened to you?  It's an average day like any other. You've cleaned the bathroom, dusted, done some laundry and now, to reward yourself , you decide to get a cup of coffee and play your favorite game on cm - Farmandia.... you harvest, plow and plant your crops and now to visit your friends farms and water, perhaps hammer some :)  the first few farms are good and then it the chicken walks you to the next farm, you reach for your coffee and take a sip looking past the rim of your cup the farm begins to take shape ....your eyes widen ... the cup slips ( in slow motion) from your hand hear the shower theme music from 'Psycho' and the true horror from the screen assaults your very  SOUL!!!!!!!!!     There it is...... row after neatly plowed row.....little squares of brown earth.... EMPTY!!!!!!!   As a single scream tears from your lips-- NOOOooooooo (breath) ooooooooooo!!!!! you have only seconds to decide... fight or flight , and if you choose the latter, I hope you are wearing sensible shoes and not those 6 inch stillettos you normally traipse around your house in .... but most of us will stay  and water....SIGH... the trees. Atleast this is the farm with 40 thousand trees and there has to be atleast 10 that have'nt been watered yet, hopefully... and not the farm with only 8 trees on 2 farms (you know the ones I'm talking about... ) that some dirty- rotten- no good - sassafrassin' - !#@*** earlybird has already beat you to .  The bottom line is this my friends,,,, Friends don't let friends water mushrooms :)


  • mom2aspclboy
    May 4, 2012 at 12:26 PM

    LOL, when I first started playing the game, it would frustrate me to get to a farm & find nothing to water; how was I ever going to finish the aquarius award? Now, though, if there is nothing to pound or water, I just move on to the next farm. As it is, I can only manage to get to half my friends' farms each day, if I can get to them at all. It's tough in the warmer months, because I'm not here as much.

  • jane807
    by jane807
    May 5, 2012 at 10:52 AM

    Wouldn't it fabulous if there was a little flag or "No Farming" sign that would automatically pop up if there was nothing to do on a farm.  It would save lots of time especially since, like everyone else, I haven't been spending nearly as much time "down on the farm" as my winter weather hermit self!  I did finally go to settings and friends who haven't been active for a month are removed. Felt kind of guilty doing it but I have to give my time some value.  

    I realized the other day that when I reach 200, and tell me if I'm wrong, I stop watering other 200 farms because there is no benefit to either of us.  I'll still swing by to see what's new, build, etc but it won't be as crucial.  I've stepped back a bit because I was becoming obsessive and spent every free moment farming; dare I say even neglected some things to play.

    At any rate have a good day I need to sign off and go cut the lawn.


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