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January 18, 2013 at 11:09 AM

I have an appt with my OB/GYN today. I found a lump in my breast.
Has anybody ever had this and had a good outcome?
My maternal grandmother had breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy.
I am scared to death......
Please pray/send good thoughts my way! 


  • ttc1rainbow
    January 18, 2013 at 11:28 AM

    praying Good luck to you!! Here's hoping it's nothing serious!! 

  • AlannaMaria
    January 18, 2013 at 12:54 PM
    Good luck. You're in my thoughts and prayers!! Keep us updated.
  • Serenity7
    January 18, 2013 at 1:12 PM

     Praying for you. (((((((((((((Hugs)))))))))

  • momofnate0707
    January 18, 2013 at 1:49 PM

    Thanks ladies! I think I am going to have to postpone my appt until next week. My kids are not feeling well and are extra cranky (they are 5 and 2) and I just don't see taking them the 45min drive to the office, waiting for a while in the office (they were pushing me in), then driving back during rush hour traffic. 
    I don't have anybody to watch them :( 

  • Corina1987
    January 18, 2013 at 4:32 PM
    Praying you get good news.
  • toybar02
    January 18, 2013 at 4:55 PM
    you are in my prayers, i hope its nothing serious
  • Krysden
    by Krysden
    January 18, 2013 at 5:05 PM

    Consider it done

  • Mommy7497
    January 18, 2013 at 7:36 PM
    I'm sorry you must be scared my mom is a Breast cancer survivor and I had cervical cancer in 2009. I was paranoid too about getting breast cancer as well but the doctor said its unlikely and all I can do is stay healthy, stress free, and do breast exams that tend to cause more false positives than anything else dont need mamograms yet. Wish you the best stay positive and I will pray for you that all goes well.
  • MomToovey
    January 18, 2013 at 10:04 PM

     I have a friend who found a lump a few years ago. It wasn't cancerous but they still had it removed. She's been fine since. It's been about 6 years.

  • MomToovey
    January 18, 2013 at 10:05 PM

     And yes, I'll definitely be praying.

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