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miss sleeping with dh
December 28, 2012 at 10:08 AM
So dh and i have been marries for 2.5 yrs. He has always snored but over the last year and a half it has gotten REALLY bad! He is 25 and was diagnossed with sleep apnia. We have not gotten a maskyet cuz a) money is tight and b) dr is hooeful for now it could get better with loosing weight. Dh has had a year since the diagnosis to start exercising and dieting and has refused. He has gained weight not lost it. His snoring is so bad i cant sleep. Im pregnant and take care of our kids( 4 and 1) so i need sleep. When it gets bad he will sleep on the couch. I miss having my dh by me all night. Any thoughts on how i can get him yo loose weight to see if it will help with snoring so he can sleep in our bed?


  • Castrolover
    December 29, 2012 at 9:02 AM

    join the club, my husband snores like crazy and since he works crazy hours he sleeps in a separate bed, actually in the basement LOL (Man Cave).  Try earplugs for yourself and have him sleep on his side, also those nose strips help. We have been married for going on 19 years so I dont feel that bad having separate beds, plus the basement is a great place to fuck around so the kids dont hear..

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