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February 12, 2012 at 12:51 AM
Lately I just been in a really bad mood because me an my boyfriend been fighting but over dumb shit he know better not to say or do also, I'm just so sick of it that I'm starting to get mad so I'm starting not to care an I jus ignore him an be mean. For the most part he is really good to me an really sweet but he can be very ignorant to like talk about his ex girls in front of me an keep little stuff from me, then I find out later well we did get the resolved I told him that this was it if he does them things again I'm done because to me that's disrespectful an you just don't do them things. So hopefully it will change hope for the best ladie he hasn't done it in a week. I think this was a vent lol.


  • Monsita
    by Monsita
    February 17, 2012 at 8:07 AM

    arguingfighting over ex's is ugly...I know!  They are ex's for a reason...past is past...It takes time, but it can be done, he will stop if he really wants toin lovehave a happy relationsip with was my husband and I took time, but it was done!

  • Camsmommy12
    February 17, 2012 at 8:33 AM

     I had a problem with his ex too, and he doesn't care for her.. They split up on friend terms in the beginning.. they were together for 9 years.. from what i heard/was told she was a total bitch to him. Never respected him, no sex, no affection etc. Dont know I dont judge no one!! But a couple years ago we went to a wedding that he was in, and she was in.. they were together when asked to be in the wedding.. so they just did it so the couple that was getting married didnt have to change anything.. the break up was mutual!! So we went, and everything was surprisingly okay!! Well we left, and at the end of the night she slept with one of his really good friends.. so that ended any talk they had, he told her not to contact him etc.. thought it was whorish of her to do that.. I felt it was wrong too!! but they havent talked since, and he doesnt care to either.. but it took me a while to not have a problem with her.. One day someone said to me.. shes an ex for a reason!! and that basically shut me up :)

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