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Saying Hello And A Lil Bit About Me
April 29, 2013 at 1:08 AM

Hello Everyone. :)

I joined this group in the hopes to be able to get some insight on how to lose weight in a healthy way. I had really looked into getting the gasto surgery but honestly I don't want to be super thin. I really would be happy with losing 50 to 70 lbs.

Now as for the issues I am having to lose the weight. I have back problems that basically I have serve arthritis in my upper back, a micro fracture and scoliosis in my lower back. Its not bad enough for them to do surgery yet but it kills me and spasms when I walk. Second issue with walking is my leg. I did something to it a couple years ago. I had it looked at but they tell me nothings wrong with it. It goes numb and I start to limp when I walk around the block. It hurts all the way into my hip. :(

I feel like such a failure.

Now my last issue is eating healthy. I have ideas on what I need to do, I kinda know how to implement them but yet I don't want to cause well they don't taste as good.

I could really use some ideas on what to do how to do it. Ideally I would love to lose the 50 lbs before Oct but any weight loss would make me happy.


  • Amber5151
    April 29, 2013 at 8:23 AM
    Healthy food can taste good too! You have to be committed to changing your lifestyle, not looking for a quick fix diet because those don't work. As for your health problems, get a second opinion and figure out what is going on and if you are clear to exercise, they should be able to let you know what you can start with
  • musicpisces
    April 29, 2013 at 2:02 PM

    Welcome to the group!

    Have you ever met with a nutritionist?  Weight loss surgery is quite extreme, and it CAN be done without.  I know weight loss can be really overwhelming, especially when you have 50+ lbs to lose.  I've lost over 100 lbs in the last 3 years, so I can relate!  Have you ever looked into Pilates?  It was actually developed for people who were bedridden with back problems, and it's NO impact.  It might be the best exercise option.  You may find yourself improving enough for other activities if you can strengthen your supporting muscles, and limber up your joints a bit.  Talk to a physical therapist, too- they would be your best go-to person for what's safe for you.

    What and how you eat is 80% of the battle for everyone.  Even with all the exercise in the world, you couldn't outexercise a poor diet (believe me, I've tried!  LOL).  If you've had trouble finding healthy options you like, try making changes slowly.  Trying to change everything overnight will make you give up quickly!  Your tastes will change with time (I never thought I'd dislike things that are too sweet!).

    A few ideas for where to start: (try one or two at a time, and add in more as you master each of them)
    Drink only water (and maybe coffee or tea, ideally black)
    Drink enough water (at least 1/2 oz per pound of body weight, so for 200 lb person, 100 oz)
    Increase your veggies by 3 servings per day, eventually aiming for 10 servings per day of fruits and veggies
    Track your food intake (using a site/app like MyFitnessPal.com or SparkPeople.com)
    Switching to leaner cuts of meat
    Experimenting with different ways to prepare new foods
    Try one new recipe every week
    Try one new food each week (a veggie, type of meat, bean, etc)
    Cook all meals at home, or at least cut back on eating out.
    Plan out your meals (all of them) for the week, and shop from a list made from that.

    And eventually:
    Get rid of processed foods.  This includes convenience foods.
    Learn how to make your own spice mixes.

    Do what's realistic for YOU.  Here's what's worked for me.  I eat clean and I exercise.  I have a few journals you might find helpful that you can take from what you will:

    Eating clean

    What's working for me

    Weight loss tips


    You can do this!  Take it one pound at a time, and just focus on forward motion!  =)

  • aprilsalcro
    April 29, 2013 at 2:02 PM
    Welcome !
  • JustaGirl13
    May 1, 2013 at 3:11 AM

    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome.

    I really need to find my get up and go. It just always seems like I am overwhelmed at all the information and of course one thing says this while something else says the first thing doesnt work. :(

    I plan on getting a second opinion soon so hopefully a new start with a new doc will help and maybe they will be able to help me get started in the right direction.

    I will try to start small. I cut out all beverages except water almost 2 years ago. Let me tell you that was SO very hard for me as all I would drink was sweet tea and soda. Now I don't drink either. I have issues with sweets. Plus I always do 1 of 2 things when stressed/depressed. I either over eat or I don't eat at all. I know thats not helping.

    I will start keeping a journal and set some goals for myself. Nothing big just little things here and there as I go. Thank you all so much!

  • mamaof3forlife
    May 1, 2013 at 8:53 AM
  • EiuGirl316
    May 1, 2013 at 9:16 AM

    Welcome to the group!!

  • sweetheart4171
    May 1, 2013 at 9:42 AM

    good luck on your weight loss and hope you find healthy foods that taste good to you!

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