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Our Adventure Last Year At Phyllis' Birthday Party
April 29, 2011 at 11:46 PM

 Hi Everybody! Since I decided to extend the party through Saturday and Sunday, I decided to redo Phyl's Birthday Party on the Yacht! We sure had a good time, didn't we?

 Today, August 26, it was announced that PeeWee's Place was having a big birthday party for one of the starting members of the group - Phyllis!

The announcement stated that the party would be at the SS PeeWee. It also went on to say that there would be some very nice eye candy there!

 After everyone read that, this is what happened -

  And the party girl herself was leading the pack!

Well, when we got to the yacht, several cat fights broke out.

    All of the hunks were standing around watching them. There was hair pulling, wrestling and all kinds of goings on!

  Sandi's dog Killer was there smoking a cigar and sitting right next to his friend - Elvis the Alligator and he was smoking one too! 

 About that time, a helicopter escorted a boat out to the yacht.   We saw a man board the yacht and lo and behold it was this guy -   He said, "My Gal is having a birthday and I came out especially to be with her. Where is she?" Phyllis just so happened to overhear it and started scrambling to hide all of the eye candy so Tom wouldn't get mad. Sandi said, "Don't worry Phyllis, Ana and I will take them off your hands." And those two women had the biggest smiles on their face you ever saw!

Some of the Girls ( Trish and Pat) were at the buffet table pigging out and didn't even know what was going on!   Vada went over and got some music going to distract Tom. Lord have mercy, Vada, Lulu, Jinjer, Colleen, Shelby and Chanda were caught dancing and partying!

Head Mama thought to herself, "I bet Sandi can't say Chanda and Shelby 3 times real fast without messing up!" Well she started laughing so hard she was rolling on the floor!


Lou came over and picked her up! She fell again (on purpose).

Phyllis got to thinking, "Oh Gosh! I hope my neighbor remembered to feed Happy, Sadie and Corky!" So she called home and sure enough, her neighbor was opening a can of cat food for Happy!

Anyhow, when everything was said and done, a very good time was had by all and Phyllis and Tom were last seen standing by the rail of the yacht!

I pray my good friend Phyllis knows how much we all love her and how much I personally appreciate everything she has done for me!


  • nanu43
    by nanu43
    April 30, 2011 at 8:25 AM

     that was fun HM reliving my birthday party... and thanks to all you girls for helping me out with Tom.. oh lordy.. I can't lose that man.. hes my heart throb.. makes my whistle blow... if you know what I girls really know how to party... I had so much fun... and don't think any of us will ever forget that laugh we got when Sandi stumped her toe on the chair and said all those "cute little words"... think we all had to change our panties... think I'll put my depends on if we have another party... gigglesssss... I did make it back home and pick up my babies and geez I got Happy just in time... he was trying to get in Bertha's big drawers and he would have been a goner... that crazy cat...

    and thank you Gail for the sweet things you said about me..I appreciate you too and I know all the others do too... wish they all could meet you face to face like I did... you are a precious person and I love you... thanks for everything you do for us...bigggggg hugs...

    this is a cute siggie our Trish made for me... Happy looked like this when I picked him up at Bertha's... he grabbed hold of his momma!!!!!!!!!!


  • nanu43
    by nanu43
    April 30, 2011 at 8:29 AM

     forgot to comment on this picture... I love it... they are so cute... darling...

  • ainteasy
    April 30, 2011 at 11:18 PM

     that was great to read again....laughing

  • Angels_on_Guard
    May 1, 2011 at 2:21 AM

       I guess i was bored and decided to come in here.....Wow!!!.....This is awesome Gail,what a talent you have here,i laughed and laughed,you have made my night,but i should be in bed sleeping,but i can`t stop laughing and laughing.

    Happy Birthday Phyllis

  • nanu43
    by nanu43
    May 1, 2011 at 6:57 AM

     thank you Mersija.. we sure did have a ball that day.... we have all kinds of fun here in our family... we call it family.. not a group... please come back and see what we've been up to... hugs...

  • gailvereen
    May 4, 2011 at 10:24 PM

     Hey Phyl, You got a free siggy out of this story! Yay! Good thing I put it out! I love it too! It is beautiful! I meant the siggy! Mersija always does a good job!

    Mersija, I am so glad that you liked our little adventure! Did you read the one of Cookie's birthday adventure? And also our trailride adventure on March 12! We are always having fun here like Phyllis said! I may have to put you in one of our adventures the next time.


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