Parenting Positive Kids

Carmen S
You're My Star!
July 18, 2012 at 12:00 AM

All the world’s a stage - and who is the greatest star of your most favorite show? Why, that would be your kid! Every child has something unique, something that makes him special in your eyes, something that makes her your most favorite person with whom you can hang out. It can be tough, though, to let those very special people know how you feel about them, especially as they exit those cute baby years and become people in their own right. After all, it's super easy to pick up a tiny baby, cuddle her and tell her she's your most favorite person. It's a bit more difficult when that baby is a kid with body odor who has just slammed the door in your face for the third time that day. 

Ahem. Not that this has *ever* happened to me.

This week, let's take a moment to reflect upon what makes your kids the star of your life. Really focus on what makes your child unique and special, and tell them. Is it tough to do? Why not send them cards to help capture how much they mean and how they’ve helped shape your life? It doesn't have to be a card that's mailed, although that can be exciting for just about any of us to find in the mail. Rather, fill out a card for your child and leave it on her bed for her to find before she goes to sleep. Maybe prop in on the box of cereal he reaches for every morning, or leave it in the bathroom tipped against the mirror. I know that I have a stack of cards I've saved from when I was younger, and my kids do as well. It's a nice way to let someone know how special they are to you, one that they can save and use to reflect on - especially in the future tough times.

One of my kids has the quickest sense of humor I've ever seen. One is very thoughtful and does as much as he can for others. One is working more diligently than many his age, and one is struggling to figure out how to make sense of more mess than I'd ever want to tackle, and handling it with grace and courage.

What are your kids doing in their lives that is right and good and fills you with happiness? Take the time this week to let them know how you feel. What will you do to show them?



  • OJP
    by OJP
    July 26, 2012 at 6:39 PM
    They breathe!
  • snakesNsnails
    July 28, 2012 at 12:35 AM

    They are all so wonderful and bring me so much joy, daily.  My 14 year old plays elite baseball year round and he is an AWESOME catcher!!!!  He will be starting highschool in the fall and hopes to make the highschool team in the spring. baseball is his life and its so amazing to watch him and to hear all of the positive comments about how great of a baseball player he is!!  My 11 yo is a comedian.  He can watch a stand up comedian once and practically reiterate the whole show. He's definitely the one that makes me laugh!!  My 6 yo is becoming a great piano player.  He just started taking lessons about a year ago and he has really come a long way.  I love when i dont even have to tell him to practice, he just gets on there and starts playing!!  My 3 yo daughter is my biggest handful but she really brings me joy with her energetic, carefree spirit. She's so bright and sooo busy!!  My 17 month old is my sweet baby boy and his chubby cheeks, warm smiles and his deep little voice calling, "mommy" tug at my heart!!  I am sooo blessed to have five amazing children. I will continue to let them know how wonderful they are and how much i love them!!  I will show them with kind, loving words, a big hug and a kiss!!

  • SoChic23
    July 28, 2012 at 7:37 PM

    My daughter is 3 years old and really smart for her age. I love how intelligent she is and I didnt do anything different in raising her, I just think she's a really smart kid! She also is really loving and loves to sing and dance. My son in 10months and plays alot, hes so silly and cute. He's also a mama's boy, so I gotta love him for that! He's a chubby one and has really amazing blue eyes like his sister. I have green eyes so I love theirs. They both are really sweet kids.

    This idea is really cute! I think I'm going to take them out, buy my daughter something or just go to the park right now!! What kid doesnt like "right now" instead of later or tomorrow right? lol

  • larlar1000
    July 28, 2012 at 10:27 PM

    i am thrilled for my five year olds thrist for learning and knowledge. she is working on her sight words, basic phonics, counting, basic math, and doing countless workbooks. just yesterday we started learning more key sight words so as we read the directions i have her read the words. i discovered and am hooked and loving it. she and my four year old are loving it as well. she is starting kindergarten in teh fall and she has come so far within just a few months.

    my four year old has recently started showing an interest in learning as well. we are going to be using the website and she is going to be going to preschool for three hours in the moring again next year. i am thrilled that she is showing an interest in the books as wel.

    My older two i am proud of every day for the progress they have made the last year since i became all of theirs mommy. i am extremely and profoundly blessed and grateful. we feel needs in each others lives that other people were not able to do.

    i love them all very much and i have no hesitation or problem showing. that or telling them everyday.

  • AmandaH321
    July 29, 2012 at 10:55 PM

    My 3 oldest all donated their hair. The first to decide to do it was my son who's 8. A girl at his school donated her hair and he asked me why she did it. When I told him he said (he has dirty blond curls) that people always say they want his curls so why not grow it and give it away. This prompted my 4 and 6 year old daughters to do the same.

    Aside from that my son has ADHD and has been showing some enormous control in respect to his impulses. My 6 year old daughter is showing a real eagerness to help out, far cry from the girl who would inform us she just wants to watch when it was time to tidy up, lol And my 4 year old dd is really making an honest effort to try foods that she does not like (mainly fruits and veggies) she is very picky (the only one in a house of 6 whose picky). And my baby is showing a real love for his sinlings, his big sis stubbed her toe the other day and he climbed up in her lap and gave her hugs and kisses.

  • sweetlyblissful
    July 31, 2012 at 11:35 PM

    My baby girl is my walking star!!  She has started taking steps and I'm so proud of her!!  I clap and she has the biggest smile on her face.

Parenting Positive Kids

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