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Cafe Kelly
Share Your Battles Challenge Day 1: Art & Crafts!
February 24, 2014 at 2:03 PM

When your kids are stuck in the house, it's hard to keep them entertained. Today's challenge is to do arts & crafts with materials you already have in your home!

Here are some projects you can do with your kids:

Sock puppets- Do you lose socks in the laundry and end up with lonely socks? Let your kids turn them into sock puppets. They can even put on a puppet show once they finish. All you need are socks, markers or felt, scissors, glue, and optional supplies you have to further decorate it!   

Animal masks- Let your child's imagination run wild and transform an ordinary paper plate into an exotic animal or their favorite pet! Then continue the fun by role playing with their new masks! All you need is a paper plate or piece of paper, paint or markers, glue or tape, scissors, and whatever else you have on hand to add the finishing touches.

Egg carton insects- Grab some markers or paint and let your kids decorate sections of an egg carton to create their favorite insects. All you need for this craft is egg cartons, paint or markers, glue, and other fun craft supplies you have to make these insects come to life.

Let's see pictures of your kids' arts & craft projects! Show us pictures of your kids working on their projects, as well as, the finished product! How often do your kids do art & craft projects? What's the biggest mess your kids have made while doing crafts?

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  • Dabberdoo
    March 7, 2014 at 9:18 PM

    My kids do art with their school curriculum.  

  • bergencounty
    March 7, 2014 at 10:04 PM

     Here is a messy, but fun Craft I did with the kids ... not actual picture, as they are covered w/snow.


    Garden stepping stones :

    What You Need: 

    Stepping stone concrete ( Concrete mixture at craft stores).

    Plastic molds (you can also find these at craft stores, but if you don't want to spend the dough, just use stuff around the house like an ice cream bucket or an ole pizza box.

    Decorations such as paint, shells, marbles, glass beads.

    What to Do:
    1. Put on a pair of plastic gloves and lay out a few sheets of newspaper to cover the floor - things are about to get messy!
    2. Pick which mold you'll use to make your stepping stone. If you plan to use a paper box, then line it with plastic wrap so the water from the cement won't seep through.
    3. Mix the cement according to the instructions on the package, pour it in the plastic mold container. It should be at least two inches thick.
    4. Depending on how you want to embellish your stepping stone, start decorating it while the cement is still soft or wait at least 24 hours for it to dry before removing it from the container.

    Now here's the fun part - before the cement hardens, make hand and footprints, stick on shells and glass beads or use cookie cutters to make cool shapes. You can use anything lying around your room to jazz up your stepping stones. If you want to paint, make sure the cement is completely dry before you paint. 


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