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Smarter Style: Sneaky Style Slips That Make You Look Old
April 20, 2012 at 12:00 AM

Remember when you were in high school and loved it if someone thought you were in college, or even older? Yeah, those days are gone. Now, I've practically kissed cashiers at Trader Joe's for asking to see ID when I buy my bottle of Three-Buck Chuck.

Surprisingly, there are lots of little things we may not even know we're doing that makes us look older than we are. 

Makeup: You might think spackling on the foundation is going to cover over all those lines and imperfections and make you look younger....add some sexy dark lipstick, some black eyeliner, and voila....hottie! Wrong. Heavy makeup is going to make you look worse while a natural, light touch with foundation is going to make you look younger. I personally have to give mineral makeup a shout-out. It doesn't make you look like you're wearing makeup, it makes you look like you have great skin...and great, glowing, young skin at that. Dark lipstick can bleed into those little cracks around your lips we all get as we age, giving you the dread old-lady clown mouth. Go with a light, pinkish gloss on your lips, use a light hand with the liner, and use a primer under your mineral powder, which smooths your skin and makes the makeup last longer.

Hair: Thinning hair is an instant ager, as are gray roots (which, if you're pale like me, LOOK like thinning hair from a distance). Keep up with your root touch-ups (those $5 kits they sell in stores are miraculous) and ask your doctor if you find your ponytail is thinner or your part is getting wider. It could be a sign of an easily corrected hormone imbalance.

Clothes: It's all about balance....not trying too hard or trying too little. Don't shop in the juniors department, but don't be afraid to try trends, accessorize, and use color. Go too far in one direction, you look pathetic, if you go too far in the other, you look frumpy. And no matter what, make sure whatever you're wearing fits really well. 

Are you worried about aging? What are your main concerns?


  • Clare888
    May 15, 2012 at 12:02 AM

    Why do people use 60 as the "old" benchmark of age?  I will be 61 in 2 weeks, can't believe that life is whizzing by.  I do not feel old and take very good care of myself without looking plastic.  I am petite and do not over eat, I work out but not a fitness guru, I do not have any gray hair (genetics) or wrinkles (stay out of the sun), I love being sociable, traveling, shopping, fashion, politics, family, my dogs, and decorating .  I am working on my Master's degree in Accounting just because I want to, no grandchildren yet, great looking and fit husband, delightful son who just recently married - life is good!  I am not ready for the rocking chair and certainly not retiring, how boring!  I own a real estate company,which I enjoy most of the time. I love beautiful, trendy, as well as classic clothes, purses, and shoes, particular some designers. Also, I only wear a primer and mineral powder on my face (Sophora) and a little eye makeup, too much ages you, and my hair long and simple with a few highlights.  Just because you are getting older doesn't mean that you have to wear frumpy hair styles and clothes, that is such a lazy attitude.  Obviously, mini skirts, short-shorts, and showing your belly button is  inappropriate but there are gorgeous, trendy, stylish clothes for older people.  It is sad to think that your life is over once you get out of your 20's, how depressing.  My sister-in-law is the exact age as I am and succumbed to old age at 30, as a lot of baby boomers have done.   She is fat, gray short hair, no makeup, frumpy clothes and shoes, and now looks and acts "old" which is ugly and uninteresting, we have nothing in common because she is as boring as she looks (she is a nice person though).  I use "old" as a negative here but "old" is not negative, it is a blessing, just keep it interesting and fun. 

     have a nice day

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