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Best way to save $$$
November 3, 2009 at 1:54 AM

I find it the best way to save $$$ by:

1.  Shop the day after the holidays, after midnight I'm able to get alot of things after Halloween sale, Thanksgiving sale, and Christmas sale.  This is good for decorations for the next yr and still get good buys. 

2.  If you can recycle boxes and use them for next yr.  It's also good for the environment as well.

3.  If you have extra Christmas Cards save them for next yr.

4.  Try to go to "black Friday", sometimes like, K-mart, Wal-mart offer deals online for "Black Friday" prices will bottom out especially for Amazon.  Why wait in line for purchases when you can get them online lol!!

5.  Instead of buying wrapping paper some places might offer free wrapping for your gifts.  Some places might charge an extra fee or a small fee to wrap the presents for you.

6.  Don't forget not only does K-mart offer layaways, but Sears, and Burlington Coat Factory does as well. 

7.  You can always load money up on a prepaid visa/mastercard they charge a fee however you can put money away through the yr, so you don't miss out on the "great deals". 

8.  If your lights don't work you can get a tester, test the bulbs and buy replacement bulbs for the light strands.

9.  We went TOT at the mall and received alot of coupons 10-15% off on the stores merchandise.  May not seem alot but it is when they want that special gift.

10.  finally make them make out a list after Christmas so you know what to buy and look out through the yr for cheap prices especially on those expensive game systems.  Do not forget to add the waranty.  If you have a Gamestop you can purchase a warranty for the whole yr and that PS3/Playstation/WII/X-Box 360 can get replaced for free as long as you keep your receipt.  Put the receipts in a safe place that you will remember.  Some stores offer only 30-45 days with a receipt.


Have fun hope this helps anyone wants to add a $$$ saving tip please do so!!!






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