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wish list... HMMMM
October 16, 2009 at 9:31 AM

So its October and usually this is when the kids start paying extra attention to the toy commercials that are starting to take over the air waves, and usually this is the time when your family starts filling in that "I WANT THAT" list.  Our list is pretty small as of right now, the kids haven't really asked for a whole lot yet. I have a 8 & 6 yr old boys, and they are really in between right now, my youngest is still ok with some toys but hes growing out of babyish stuff. my 8 year old wants all the expensive stuff, and the DH really hasn't asked for anything, although I have a few ideas for him on stuff he needs. and Me, the only thing I have really asked for is a Wilton cookie press, the really nice one. My kids have been asking for a wii for the past 3 years, and I was not ready to get it, this year we decided that we were going to get one, especially when the rumors started about the price drop. When it finally dropped we had a friend that works at amazon order us one and got it fairly reasonable, And i have placed a layaway for some things I thought my kids would like. so so far my list really hasn't been composed, and im starting to get antsy, Its throwing off my holiday planning LOL. I think I might go read some of you guys wish lists and maybe get some ideas.


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