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Pregnancy Dreams....
November 30, 2009 at 6:46 AM

ok so it's 4:30am.  I kept waking up every half hour last night.  My whole body hurts, I just feel awful, and of course what did I have to suffer on top of that?  TWO horrible pregnancy dreams.  Just needing to get this out, so here it comes

The first one we had gone to church and hubby thought my almost  yo alopecia came back.  (alopecia is an autoimmune disorder where your hair falls out).  Since her first episode back in march she hasn't had a problem.  but in my dream the whole back of her head was cut short and twisted funny, and if I lightly tugged on some hair it would just come out.  So we rushed to the doctors.  My normal doctor was the receptionist for some reason and some other doctor saw us, but had no idea what was gonig on, so called my nonrmal dr in.  Without any tests or anything, he said it was an allergic reaction to her winter coat.  That's about where that dream got intereupted by me waking up.

Second dream.  All I wanted to do was sleep (yes in my dream but in life too, lol).  So I'm laying down trying to get some rest when my sister and some random guy come in and start playing games on my computer.  She then tells me I have to get up and do her homework project which is build a model of AFS (what is AFS????).  I'm mad she's playing games.  I've already graduated, and I deserve to sleep, but noooo, I have to get up and do this project.  So in my dream I'm stomping around angry and yelling at everyone, because I want to rest, and I have no idea wha this project is because no one will give me any kind of direction besides build a model of AFS!!!!  AGH  it ends with my sister taking off angry in her car and having it break down in front of the house, and my parents getting mad at me for being mad, and me in the garage throwing wood and barbie accessories (like the pool) around. 

Yep my mind has taken a turn for the worse.  But thanks if you made it through those.  I don't feel angry any more, just tired.


  • amymarie71
    December 2, 2009 at 1:27 AM

    Yeah I was up at 430 as well.  I keep having nightmares.  Last night someone was trying to kill me.   I hate these.  I have them almost every night.

  • WifeNMommy07
    January 3, 2010 at 11:13 PM

    I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping more then 30 min at a time and I keep having nightmares too. Last night I had the same one over and over everytime I'd fall asleep and wake up at the same point everytime.


    In the dream I go into labor even thought I have about 3 months left and I'm home alone with my two kids ages 4 and 17months cause my hubby's at work. Both of my first two labor and deliveries when pretty fast so I call my hubby and tell him to meet me at the hospital cause he works almost 45 min away from our house and I have to drive myself. And I keep having this really weird feeling even when I'm not dreaming that something is wrong and that the baby is gonna come early. I didn't have any of this the first two times. 

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